Thierry Henry


He’s taken our under 18s coach, Kwame Ampadu, with him :roll_eyes:

That’s not bro code Thierry!


I’d very bitter seeing top ex pros walk into top jobs on the basis of name recognition if I was an aspiring manager with no top level experience.

It’s sucks really.


Following an account on twitter means you have no life? :joy:


I’m not sure how following AS Monaco’s twitter account is going to derail Calum’s entire weekend, or reading the occasional tweet is going to suddenly occupy all of his time? Why would it take up his life?

If he applies to be some sort of social media assistant / executive at AS Monaco, or decided to relocate to Monaco in order to get closer to the machinations and workings of the club, then perhaps you might have a point. Or if he decided to become the French Correspondent of, or even started his own blog or forum on AS Monaco (founded in 1924).

I can’t know for sure, but I don’t think @Calum has made the decision to focus all of his time and money on AS Monaco, he hasn’t become a monk who has pledged his life and soul to following the club.

He’s not going to suddenly become a hardcore fan just because Thierry is manager, he won’t be registering with “OnlineASMonaco” and making posts like “AS MONACO LIGUE UN REVERSAL OF LE ROI!!!”.

He’s just followed a twitter account which probably took about 10 seconds to search and add.


Sigh Sol, the marriage is already showing effects on you.
Spot the nonsensical humour




:joy::joy: Sol at it again.


You joke, but I remember @Calum transferring to OnlineMonaco at some point back in the day.



Good luck TH14. He needs it badly.


Dw I did, just felt like making a nonsensical post of my own too :poldi:


My cover is blown :grimacing:


@calum you sad fucking cunt. Bet you’re gonna spend all afternoon in your bedroom gazing at the shiny new Monaco poster on your wall


Just refound this from February 2017 :arteta: :arteta:


:cech: :giroud3: can’t believe it’s true


Howling at this lol


That’s Arsenal premiership reversal of the king in French isn’t it?! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

@sol winning Post of the year here :crown:


I wish it was true :xhaka:


No you don’t as who else will you like every single post they make? :wink:


If you look at his like stats, you’re going to be displaced for number 1 soon :laughing: So I think he’d cope if you flee to Monaco :wink:


That’s true. I don’t give a fuck about him anymore lol :kos2: