Thierry Henry


Luca have you just ended it? :disappointed:


Why am I not no1 already?

Sort it out @Luca_from_Italy



It depends. Just stop hating on Italy and you’ll be fine :hipster:.

For example, @Electrifying is a scottish who loves us :wink:


He loves the Scottish more :kos2: Although if you think about it, you joined new OA several months later than Calum, so if you gained 4 months of likes you’d normally get from Lucabot, you’d be first for sure.


When do I get an invite to the first OA wedding?



You cunt. Same old story.


@Mysty liking @Calum. No surprise. Fucker.


Well someone’s gotta like Calum, if you’re not going to anymore :wink:


ughh…you guys have housewives’ banters


I dunno man Desperate Housewives proved that housewife banter was actually funny.


With your views on meeting people from the Internet, I wouldn’t want to waste any paper on an invitation for you :wink:




I was about to dig you out for your banter but I realised that you pretty regularly rinse yourself and it’s funny when you do.




I really hope he makes it. I feel like I miss something in life without coaches in football who have an Arsenal past. Van Bronckhorst I associate more with Barcelona/Feyenoord than Arsenal.




Henry forgets he speaks french.




Ahahah! Too many years in England :poldi:


And still I can’t actually recall hearing him speak French :grin: