Thierry Henry



He should have stayed away from Monaco; honestly that was a poison chalice.


It’s not ideal that your first job as a manager is to take over a team with no confidence after the season has started and the previous manager has been sacked.

You don’t have time to work out how you set your team up without trial and error in competitive games. The stakes are so high so perhaps you decide to play things safe, instead of going with your natural philosophy.

At least if he had a preseason, he could work out his best team / formation and have time to get his players working in his system.

If he can get them top half of the table, think that will have been a good job.

*I am also pleased to announce that I have been officially named as Thierry’s excuse machine for the forthcoming season. He can do no wrong, and if you say otherwise, you are a clueless twat. Thank you.



Monaco have travelling support?


Why ever he make the sensible choice? He’s addicted to the spotlight, he constantly chases glamour appointments


Fucking hell, 4-0 down at home to Club Brugge


The owner has apparantly also been taken in custody because of bribary accusations and they were too mentioned in the football leaks stuff. Club is a mess.



It’s sad whats happening but not surprising, compared to Vieira’s more humble managing roots and progression, Henry just seems more entitled and its blowing up in his face. If he took a step back he should’ve seen instead of the fact hes getting the keys to a big club, with some objectivity he should have a monumental task taking over from Jardim (The guy that delivered them the title!).

That’s without mentioning he’s probably trying to learn and earn his stripes while trying to advert a club in crisis, without going off-topic boy am I glad we didn’t go for Arteta, it’s this kind of shit that was scary about that appointment.


I agree with you wholeheartedly but in Arteta’s defence he seems to be more studious and has his head down to work and learn from Pep. Think he’s the total opposite to Henry and will probably make a much better manager too. But that’s just speculation at this stage.


Ah I shouldn’t be assertive to suggest he wouldn’t work out in comparison to Henry, the biggest major difference is Arteta seems more dedicated to this kind of work, being a coach and a manager requires dedication to the role. Everything has suggested with Henry (e.g taking up the punditry gig) has not shown that willingness and dedication.


It’s obvious that the team is garbage and any manager will have problems there right now

Not sure why they thought Henry was the right man though…


Even from his punditry I’ve never got the impression Henry would make a good coach. I’ve no idea why his name kept creeping up for so many first team coach roles.

I’m not saying it’s his fault his club are a bit of a mess, but what on earth convinced anyone that he was the man to rectify the situation? His 1 day a week with the Arsenal U14s? 2 years as an international assistant manager playing like 7 actual competitive games?


Way too soon to be passing judgement on Henry tbh, Monaco are absolutely dire and it will take some time to get them out of the rut they’re in.

Not sure why Henry becoming a pundit is being held against him either, or the fact he jumped at the chance to manage Monaco. Who wouldn’t when compared with Villa?

As for his punditry he improved quite a bit as time went on and clearly when he first started he didn’t flow well since English isn’t his first language.

You ask why him? It’s not just about body of work as a manager is it, it’s about how you interview and present your vision also. By all accounts the Belgium squad were very pleased and spoke highly of his contributions.


It definitely is too soon to be passing judgment on him as a manager but based on what we’ve seen and heard from him, I don’t think there’s much of a manager there. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who became a successful manager off the back of a part time assistant role working under Roberto Martinez and a Sky Sports pundit gig.


What has been seen though? As for heard you’re talking about punditry? Tbh English not being his first language plays a part in that.

Henry is hardly the only guy with managerial aspirations to try his hand at punditry. Recently Lampard and Gerrard did the same although perhaps to a lesser extent and also have limited experience.

Not everyone has the chance to be learning under Pep and the like.


The fact that his only coaching experience is a short stint with kids at Arsenal and as a forwards coach with Roberto Martinez. Neither of these are going to prepare him for managing a role as high profile as Monaco is at the moment. English may not be his first language but he speaks it with excellent fluency and he just never really comes across as particularly studious. I don’t listen to Henry and learn things I listen to Henry and I hear sound bites ready for the headlines.

I think Gerrard and Lampard made good pundits and I think they’ve taken the right roles at Rangers and Derby. These aren’t top clubs and they give them a chance to test the waters and develop their ideas at clubs that will no doubt back them as best as they can. The Monaco job always required an instant response and 6 games in, they’ve still failed to win a single game and just got pasted 4-0 at home to the second best team in Belgium. It’s definitely too early but I don’t think he lasts long and I think he fades out of management after that.

And I’m willing to bet that any positive feedback he received as a result of his stint at Belgium was because he is a legend and not because in a couple of weeks spread out across the year he managed to have a huge impact on player development.


That’s fair enough but sounds like your mind is made up already breh, Monaco need a response but there’s every chance he has been promised time.

Being a very good pundit is hardly a prerequisite for being a manager.

Sounds like some want him to fail.


It’s reveals a lack of actual insight and understanding tbh

He was embedded with the arsenal coaching set up solely because of his name alone yet snubbed an opportunity most coaches would kill for because simple punditry on Sky tv is obviously is the best place to develop your managerial experince and ability.

Belgium? Another glamour appointment of no real substance to an aspiring club manager. I just don’t know how Henry saw how he could improve on the efforts of seasoned coach like Jardim at Monaco. The dysfunctionon and off the pitch should have alerted any sensible person going there may not be the best place to start your club management career. Monaco was another glamour appointment