Thierry Henry


That’s supposition, you don’t know what he has discussed with the club.

Perhaps he didn’t want Arsenal under a regime that was quite frankly full of bollocks, why should he have to take a job under Wenger? He knows full well how things went down under him, it’s like you’re saying he had the audacity to turn down a coaching role here.

Everything is glamour to you, you’re so cynical man seriously :joy:
He doesn’t take a job it’s lacking understanding, he actually takes a job and it’s pure glamour.


All I want to say is I wish Thierry all the best, absolutely adored him as a player for this football club. I really hope that Monaco turn it around and he’s has a successful time as a manager.


Does feel a bit that way. Seeing people dropping the “I said he’d be shit” so soon into his stint as if it makes them fucking Nostradamus.


“It’s just a mess, chaos. I do feel for Thierry because I don’t think he realised how bad everything was already,” Laurens said.

"And I’m not sure he has the tools to rescue a team that has won just one game all season, back on 11 August.

“I think he could be a good manager but right now, in a situation of crisis, I am struggling to see how he can do better, because the team is destroyed. It looked like a fairytale but it’s turning in to an absolute nightmare.”


On paper, the team is definitely not that bad. If you look at the players’ valuations, they should probably be somewhere around the upper-mid-table in Ligue 1. Heck, their squad is valued at ~295m Euros on transfermarkt, with players such as Golovin, Tielemans, Sidibe, Falcao, Chadli.

I’d say it shouldn’t be impossible to steady the ship. People were claiming they sold all their good players, but they certainly haven’t.

They do need a goalkeeper and a holding midfielder though.


Raid Sven raid


Henry made a horrible decision taking this as his first job. When you can see a seasoned manager who won the title only 15/16 months prior is struggling with this squad then he should have approached with caution.

No matter what though, the squad is better than the results suggest so something will have to pick up very soon.


Does he have anything to lose if the Monaco gig doesn’t work you?

The way I see it he has all to gain and nothing to lose. He doesn’t have a reputation yet and if a newbie walks in a broken house and fails to fix it, people will hardly say he failed, more so that he hastened into a bigger job than what he was ready for. Don’t think that a failure at Monaco will hamper his further development though and make him less likely to land jobs such as Villa that people suggest he should have taken first.

But if it works out for him at Monaco he will look like a hero and his reputation will be significantly boosted, he will be the next cool kid on the block.


Before Monaco, he was a blank slate, an unknown quantity. If this gig doesn’t work out for him, then it’s certainly a negative spot on his resume, and when the only thing on a resume is a negative thing, you tend to avoid hiring that person.

So I think his choice of managerial jobs will be limited after this, if he gets fired. Look at Neville, Adams, or many others.


Yeah, it doesn’t look good struggling with a squad with alot of talent in. It seems like it a mental issue for alot the squad but you really need to have the force of personality to force a reset and get those player going again.

I don’t think Monaco will get relegated tbhm it will be very interesting to see how he get’s on. A weak character will be exposed


Va va parp…


Good to see him get his first win as manager :clap:.


But yet if it was Arsenal that went this long without a win you will be shouting from the rooftops how the whole club from the Kroenkes down is shit and a change is needed. Funny how you see positives for other teams even when they are doing poorly but when your own team is doing well you find a negative to harp on about.


Obviously Monaco are a shower of shite ATM and Henry has started very poorly, I’m just glad to see the greatest Arsenal player I’ve seen pick up his first win as manager.


Bit much mav :joy::joy: it’s Saturday night go have a beer or something hah


He got his first win as a manager in the last Ligue 1 game against Amiens, right? I’d worry about getting sacked if I was him at this point.


Not sure. Unless Luca posts the result, it didn’t actually happen


Damn, Henry sonning these lads. Power move right there


Lol, I didn’t even hear Thierry say anything to him. Did the guy feel the stare? :joy:
That look they gave to each other was money. Reminds me of a kid breaking something and the father waiting for it to come close so he can bitch slap it.