Thierry Henry


I miss this guy. A lot.

Can’t believe it’s been 13 years since he played for us, seems like only yesterday.

Hope Cesc joining him can help turn things around at Monaco.

Love that we got somebody half decent to wear his shirt now, at least.


7 years really :stuck_out_tongue:




Breaking | AS Monaco suspend Thierry Henry from all managerial duties - Franck Passi takes over in the interim. Huge shock but not a definitive decision yet. More follows.

— Get French Football News (@GFFN) 24 januari 2019

I really hoped this would work out, but it seemed doom from the start sadly.


Lol, it’s the Sky Sports pundit curse.

Let them knock managers all they like, but when it comes to managing themselves, they can’t hack it


If true he shouldn’t have taken the gig, should have gone to Villa.

Too much too soon and it’s not even like he came into a good situation, the club is in a pitiful state right now.

Don’t think his time there should be held against him but you know how football is…


When he went loco at Tielemans for missing that one time I was reminded of some article I read about Shearer’s and Keane’s managerial fails.

When you were so good as a player, sometimes it’s hard to accept why the players you are managing that are inferior to how you were at your peak can’t do the things you used to.

Some exceptions of course - Zidane, pep etc.


Please come back to Sky Thierry mate x


Henry never struck me as the smartest bloke in the room. Not surprised to see him fall short on such a big job.


I agree.

Not that I think there’s any relation between punditry and management, but Titi was a painfully shit pundit to listen to. Was struggling to see him take the role by storm so soon into his managerial career.



Yeah, that was beyond obvious.

You don’t get “suspended” from managing lol.


Why not?
Monaco despite being in trouble, are by no means so bad that they should be in Bottom 2.
It’s even worse considering how poor a league Ligue 1 is.

He has managed to win just 4 times and the goal difference is -21 during his time.

I would say this is coffins for Henry’s managerial career.


In fairness to Zidane and Pep, they did get the manage the most talented squads ever which involved some of the best players ever.

Guardiola showed he can hang it out with other clubs (although we should mention he did have to spend his way out of problems) it’ll be fascinating to see how Zidane fares in another job.


I hope he continues to be delusional about his managerial prowess & doesn’t come back to punditry, cause I can’t stand his voice.


A pity but fairly glad this experiment happened far away from us.


I won’t hold this over him the claim has been in free fall for a while


Still crazy to think a few years ago there were a decent number of fans who wanted him as future Arsenal manager :facepalm: Mind you was the same with Adams shortly after he retired from playing. Said a lot how well that part of his career went when he managed in Azerbaijan of all places :laughing:

Just goes to show that being a great captain or player does not always or usually translate into manager material.


Its so foolish to give a guy a job just because he was a legend as a player without actually determining first if he is indeed qualified. It was utter nonsense.


But Mikel Arteta clearly should’ve been the one to replace Wenger though :hipster: