Theo Walcott


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he did not contemplate selling England forward Theo Walcott in the summer.

Walcott started just 15 Premier League games last season, scoring five goals - a tally he has matched in his first eight appearances this term.

The 27-year-old should start the Gunners’ Champions League match against Ludogorets Razgrad on Wednesday.

“I was not ready to let him go. I always wanted to keep him,” said Wenger.

"I’ve felt that since he’s played with more freedom, maybe he lets his feelings come out a bit more and is less calculating: ‘Can I do that or can I not do that?’

“I think he has a less restricted attitude and that shows you that he is a completely different player.”


Better than KDB.


He’s playing for a new contract. It’s that simple. This happens every time he’s up for renewal.


Isn’t he contracted for 2 more seasons after this season ?


Lol! Calm down. He needs to play like this for the whole season. Hope he has really stepped up and it’s not just him trying to impress someone.


Goal number 94 for Walcott I think and he’s just gone past 350 games.

You have to be a good player (or a WengerBoy) to get that number of apps at Arsenal, but 1 in 3.5 is the sort of ratio i’d expect from a middling-to-top player like Theo. Needed to have hit a purple patch like this way before now in his career.



Not seen anywhere, but what injury has Theo picked up exactly? Is it fairly minor? Will he be back for Sunday’s big match?


It was just a tight hamstring.

Think Wenger has been protecting him for the Spurs game, gave him an excuse to give Ox and Ramsey a run out too. I’m sure he’ll be fine for Saturday. If we had had any other big games before I’m sure he’d have played.


He trained Monday so is most likely good for the weekend.


You fucking haters. Theo scores the winner and nobody even gives the man credit. Nine goals in 15 appearances for the new dad.


Bar his goal he was actually really poor yesterday but if he keeps going at 9 goals every 15 games you can’t argue with that.


The amount of basic technical mistakes he made yesterday, :expressionless:

But yeah, he’s got that thing going again where him being on the pitch seems to make us look a more potent and dangerous team in the final third.


There’s clearly better alternatives out there that will improve us massively however, if he’s chipping in with goals whilst not playing to the top of his game, then it’s hard to argue with at the moment.


How much do you reckon we could get Payet for in January?


More than Wenger has spent on any other player ever which represents no value given his age and the fact that he’s not proven playing for a big club as well.


Theo’s first-touch and ball control can never be questioned again :slight_smile:


I would be more impressed if they completely killed the movement by their first touch.


Bergkamp could still do it while drinking a cup of tea.


That was a solid Theo touch… he got the direction right but it was way too heavy.