Theo Walcott


Having another player who can play with the ball makes us less dependent on Ozil and Sanchez though. Having another player who can create with the ball can distract opposing defenders giving Sanchez the opportunity to actually pick position and not demand the ball everytime, because the ball will get there. Having another technical player can improve our combination play and can take our overall attacking to another level. Having more individual quality and creativity upfront can make it easier to break the deadlock when our combination play doesn’t succeed, because we’ll have another player who can do something one his own. There movement might not be as good, but the ability too score goals is there. Especially Reus’s goalscoring record is terrific. Theo’s dribbling (and ‘making stuff happen’) is nowhere near those guy’s level.


You act like I post about him all the time, and he is fast and a good goalscorer these are facts so whats your point?


Not a fangirl of any player, I defended Theo because I know he was better than what people were making him out to be, that’s it.


@GunnerGirl I wouldn’t take the comments to heart. @Trion completely missed @YJYUX sarcasm to not realise he wasn’t being too serious with his post.

Anyways, doesn’t matter fangirling any players around here, especially @AbouCuellar and his undying love for Diaby :wink:


Just messing.
Would like to point out that posters here pull each other’s legs all the time; so don’t take it personally.

These fuckers have been using the same meme joke on me for last 4 years.




If I didn’t know he had just had a baby I’d ask why @morrisc311 had been so quite recently


@morrisc311 had a baby coming & he was still miserable?
Have to admire his passion for Arsenal.


Yep fucking love me some Pippo Inzaghi, you know damn well he’d have loved playing with someone like Özil…


Him and arctic and ronnie and the lot who fuck off every time we do well will back asap we lose a game, no worries. In that particular sense they’re like rubbish bags with return to sender stickers you can’t peel off.


You know you want him !


I love this game it’s like a good chunk of Arsenal supporters haven’t watched the past like 8 years. I’ve got 8 years on my side you’ve got random 6 game unbeaten runs.


But TWO FA Cups!!



I know this is Sarcasm.



We’ve also been here before and then faded down the stretch… atm we are in second place and there is a swarm of teams around us. 7 teams all within 5 points of top and 4 teams within 2 points of top. It is a better year for the top teams, that is clear so far (bar ManU hahahahahahah).

I am very, very happy with Arsenal atm and so, so glad that we feel like we actually have a squad that can compete for a full season, but I won’t get ahead of myself. Right now we are relying on an in-form Walcott, an out-of-position Sanchez (tbf it is kind of working so I’ll take it), and a young Iwobi massively for our offensive ability. Not to mention the key to it all, Ozil.

Right now I feel we absolutely could have the best defense in the league, notwithstanding some of the sh*t we have seen so far this season… that may be knee jerk, but I think only Spurs could argue clearly to be above us in that category and they just lost a key component to it.

What I worry about right now is our attacking fluency seems so very fragile - one injury or a Walcott falling off of form, or an Iwobi having a Sophomore slump and we are fd. Who do we have to come in? Ox??? Maybe Perez can do the trick and maybe Ollie will come back in, reducing our wing needs by slotting Sanchez back to the left, but man it feels fragile as fck to me.


Yeah, this is where I see our ultimate downfall…we just don’t have attacking depth behind the top 4. Welbeck coming back could help but I think we really need to be a lot more cautious with him this time coming back than last time, or else we are simply playing with his career, another long term injury and it’s pretty fucked for him. And with Wenger I really feel we need our best options available to compete, otherwise we’ll eventually fall off. Here’s to hoping we have a Chelsea like season injury wise.


A drop-off is inevitable. We still need too play Mourinho, Koeman and Pochettino twice for example. Managers who gave Wenger his fair share of problems. Or are we going to assume a 3-0 against Chelsea has fixed things?


Yeah you are reinforcing my point and my concern. We are relying too much on too many things going right in attack to be realistic. Hope is that there is the same issue with other teams, although it is hard to not argue that City and United (and even Chelsea to a degree) have better depth in attack than we do.

I don’t think 3-0 against Chelsea is indicative of too much but it was a great result and performance and showed clearly their issues as well, but I think in general, barring some bizarro moments, our defense looks to me like it could be the best in years. My worry is really solidly on our attacking depth and the current reliance on Walcott and Iwobi.


But tbh since PSG we haven’t really played a team who could expose our weaknesses, like they could, and/or quality teams but Chelsea. That’s why the games in November against Spurs and United are going to be interesting.


Agreed - it is a far too early assessment, but it is what I think so far.