Theo Walcott


He was compared to Aguero at that time, he was clear ahead of Firmino who did a great job as a false 9 himself…

He looked special.

He brought our whole attack, our whole team, to a different dimension at the start of that season…

Just to be pushed to shit again.

Again, that might be Wenger’s worst tactical decision EVER.

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I was certain I was right on Santi and guessed at RVP. Nice mini quiz :smiley:

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Wenger stubborness on playing a single striker (Giroud) just baffled me.
To play 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3, a lot of times the wide player dropped too deep and not able to help out the slow paced Giroud.

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Alexis had two really good seasons for us.

His first and last.

I don’t count the first half of 17/18 as his heart wasn’t in it anymore then

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Having pace is one thing but the timing of his runs to make the most of that pace was a potent weapon for years. Not sure I’ve seen a faster player since and even the likes of Dan James, Adama Traore don’t use their pace anywhere near as effectively as prime Theo.

So quick and effective as an outlet in games where the opposition left space to run into. Technical shortcomings exposed against the many deeper low blocks however.

Watched Sterling the other night against Dortmund and while Sterling is far superior in every other aspect, he was caught offside constantly in positions he simply shouldn’t be wasting like that. Theo at his peak against teams that naively left that amount of space he would feast on. Would have notched a brace or hat trick in the same situation for sure.

Pace in behind is one of the most exciting aspects of football and naturally I loved seeing Theo break through on goal from a Cesc or RvP pass.


Wait what? His best season was a decade ago?
Time fucking flies.

Probably one of my least favourite Arsenal players ever lol

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Going to mute his thread, feels like it’s been bumped every two days with some shit. In a fucking title race for the ages, the last thing I give a shit about is fucking Theo

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I can think of plenty worse than our Theo :stuck_out_tongue:

But wait…how will you ever find out if it’s Theo’s birthday or about that goal he scored on this day that ultimately amounted to nothing?

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Theo with a big impact today against the perfect opposition :ok_hand: