The UEFA Super Cup


De Gea to the rescue once again.


Fire from Lucas there.


Deserved win for Real. United’s goal was lucky.


Happy with the result, don’t like either but prefer Real to Man United.


Good to see United still resorting to hoofball when losing. Genuinely thought that was a stop gap tactic for Mourinho during his first season whilst he built his team.


Kroos, Isco & Modric cost less money combined than Pogba #facts


Tbf Real Madrid are the best team in the world without doubt at the moment so it’s not surprising they lost. They’ll probably be much better in the league.


We haven’t had the first PL game yet, but already we have the photo of the season


An eloquent description of Fellaini as a footballer, that.


Wenger 1 Mourinho 0 so far :wink:




Least we won the English version of this cup :grinning:


Hopefully next season we will get a crack at this actual cup.


Yeah cause we’re gonna win the Champions League!!!


United deserve some credit for managing to have a squad this average with the money they’ve spent since 2014. Pretty hard to do.

Look at City and PSG’s squads in comparison.


Same old same old. I dozed off part way through. Probably did myself a favour.


Didn’t even know this was on.