The UEFA Super Cup


Casemiro I believe. Slightly offside but Real have been far better than United


You liked the post that told you who scored. Why else would there be a OG7 reference


United are remarkably mediocre from a technical perspective.

It’s like somebody gave Tony Pulis 400 million and told him to build a team.


Someone please save Martial :pray:


Tbf nobody can really compete with the technical level of that midfield.


Didn’t know Cuellar meant it. United look clueless though.




De Gea with a great save.


Real close again. Manure are just shit.


What. A. Goal. :clap:


Lukaku!! Open goal missed!!! :joy:


Real are just too strong for Manure.


Fellaini lool


Lukaku is on fire tonight


This Lukaku-United bond looks promising for us opposing fans. :smiley:


Puto Lukaku! 2-1.


Keylor ruining our fun.


I just used up all my dongles wifi for this shit and can’t get a good enough signal on my phone to stream.


Mourinho is in his sweatpants.

Not a trophy!


Why the fuck do they have to announce a cooling break over the stadium speakers


He is Real’s weakest link.