The UEFA Super Cup

Mourinho or Zidane? Difficult choice.

Hala Madrid!

Is CR7 on the bench at least?

Fuck’em both

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That doesn’t look like a team that will trouble Real Madrid too much. Maybe the idea that it’s just a glorified friendly and neither team will play 100% will help ManUtd though.


Chances of Bale getting injured?

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I thought this was a match where alternative players were supposed to be given a chance?

A shittier version of the CS :wink:

United’s team (and squad in general) looks so dull. I know you don’t have to be exciting to win the league but still, I imagine a lot of their games this season will send people to sleep. Again.

They’ll probably win 8-0 tonight now :smile:

although it’s basic Rom is playing well with his back to goal and linking decently

This pitch looks awful.

Lol at Pogba…3v2 break and he shoots from 30 yards.

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So selfish from Pogba then. Both players left and right of him were in a far better positiom

Trophy if RM win, friendly if Man Utd win. :wink:


Casemiro showing he can fill the boots of OG7.

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Going to eat and watch the game now. How is it going?

Lukaku :joy::joy:

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Lukaku is such an idiot lol

that is why pogba wanted him at Manu, 2 expensive dickheads that just care about their image but when it comes to football their fees are fucking rediculous.

Who scored for Real?