The Syrian Situation Thread (general discussion on Syria)

Not to mention the big winners in all of this can only by IS, if the SDF divert forces away from holding them to protect themselves from the Turks.

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Pretty much the only beacon of hope in that region were the Kurds. I get why trump doesn’t want to stick around in the region but the immediate pull out and seems incredibly short sighted.

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You get that Trump has to look after his tower in Istanbul? :arteta:

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Well the Russians are getting involved and if they take part in fighting Turkey it will be against a NATO member.
This could get very tricky with NATO members committed to come to Turkey’s defence…thanks Trump!

I don’t think Russia or Turkey have any genuine interest in that do they?

Erdogan wants any excuse to ethnically cleanse his country of Kurds and Russia wants a stable Assad regime having regained all territory previous lost to rebels / IS

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Trump doesn’t actually own the Istanbul buildings, they licence his name for the towers. :wenger:

Sorry about all of this. Just remember only 40% of our country is deplorable.

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Assad stated he wants all land belonging to Syria returned And the Russians have said they will help him get it back. This could be trouble for NATO unless Turkey comes to an understanding.

Which land?

The land within its official boarder

Prick should go for the Golan heights then, take your russian buddies too

Be coming for your couch you keep your recent rhetoric up.:cowboy_hat_face:

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They probably should have long got me, the things I say

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Duty of the revolutionary is to make the revolution.

If you mean the NE part of Syria, then that’s just not going to happen. The Kurds have been there for generations as that’s what used to be part of Kurdistan, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Maybe the solution is in Northern Iraq, which looks the most likely place for an autonomous Kurdish homeland.

It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse.
I remember when it was just a protest against the regime and everything just avalanched