The Syrian Situation Thread (general discussion on Syria)




Don’t recall, but it certainly wasn’t denied by the UN.


Guess the invite didn’t extend to the site of the alleged attack.


Well for now I am giving them the benefit of doubt. We have to remember that this is still a conflict zone.

Obviously if the obstruction persists, then there are serious questions to be asked.


They were meant to go Saturday but we started bombing




Corbyn is making some good points in the HoC right now, to his credit.

Our governments continued support and supply of weapons to Saudi in Yemen is equally shameful as Russia’s continued propping up of Assad.


Glad we can always rely on Russia for the truth


Can I just say it is pretty funny that it was that chemical weapons attack that caused the airstrikes (or so the commentators claim)

Not long ago there was a horrible massacre at Eastern Ghouta that was one of the worst events of this war to date.

Much more than Assad dropping g chemical weapons, again.

That the western governments didn’t interfere then proves they are full of shit.

These airstrikes occurred because Trump said 'fuck it’s after being spurred on by his advisors that wank off to war, and then Britain followed because Theresa may is a pathetic bitch wanting to stay in good graces for a trade deal or something.

Macron of course loved dropping bombs on brown people too much not to get involved either.

These airstrikes are going to do fuck all, just like the last ones did. The cognitive dissonance and the stupidity and unity in this ‘bombs or nothing’ mantra repeated in the press makes me despair at the state of this world.

The only conclusion is that the media political class fuckers have a cold war Hardon and want another tense confrontation with Russia.

Not to say we shouldn’t intervene. We should.

But the only way that may have a chance of ending the war is to engage Russia, talk to them and get them to patch Assad. Figure something out that will take him and his supported out and find a peace deal that will satisfy the rebels and Russia.

Dialogue is the only way to do it, but Assad can’t stay on for the good of the country. He has done far too much wrong for that. The cunt. It will leave me happy to know that he burns in hell.


I think it’s more likely that Trump wants to “prove” that he’s not under Russia’s thumb while he’s still being investigated and Theresa May needs a “STRONG LEADER” moment while she’s struggling. Boris Johnson clearly doing the same thing too to place himself as the tough on foreign policy leader.

It’s worked because May’s ratings have gone up and Corbyn’s down throughout all this Russia stuff. WE’RE GREAT BRITAIN / TAKE BACK CONTROLers love all that enemies and sovereignty shit.


That’s not quite correct. They were due to arrive in Syria on Saturday, which they did. The military action didn’t impact them because we didn’t bomb Dhouma.

But if they had intended to investigate the storage/production facilities, they now can’t because they were destroyed.

Sadly, conflict tends to be a big vote winner, at least in the beginning.


Pretty much this. I can’t for the life of me listen to this jargon without it filling my head with cotton wool. A chap at work basically eats this up as us taking control of the situation and “showing the Russians” that they can’t push everyone around :facepalm:

Political posturing of a willy waving contest, that sadly involves innocent people’s lives. Fucking tragic.


It’s called manufactured consent which the masses fall for. If you ask him what has the Russians done probably regurgitate shit he has read in the sun