The Syrian Situation Thread (general discussion on Syria)

The western and NATO backed “moderate” rebels have beheaded a young boy and claim it was a mistake. but a translated video has now appeared which translates, and i paraphrase, we are worse than ISIS. you should see how brutal we are just before the boy was beheaded. since i don’t speak their language i can’t verify this, and i’m not reading any more articles on the matter to confirm this.

I won’t be posting any links because it’s just way to graphic and sickening.

Anyways, please use this thread to post all things Syria related.


I didn’t watch the video or read about it, it was too hard for me. But If they speak Arabic I should be able to translate it, pass me the video on PM if you like. No problem!

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Sorry mate but i can’t do it. the video is too sick. edited…

I wish i’d never seen it. 10 fucking years old and they do that to one of their own kind. you can search for it if you like but i’m not going anywhere near it mate.

Edit, just found this article. i searched earlier and couldn’t see it. strange.

But no way am i posting any other links.

Your detailed information might be worse than watching the video itself. :disappointed:

Ok I watched enough of the video, they’re all Syrians there according their accent, they asked him about his wish, he said to be shot, one of the them said we are worse than ISIS, but it’s not clear who exactly said it, may be behind the camera.

Sorry mate. like i said, i wish i’d never seen it. i only described the tragedy/crime so people won’t have any illusions and make the mistake of watching the video.

But for me the most sickening aspect to all this is just how ready the west is to back any group if their goals are aligned. it’s a fact we’re all well aware of that the west want Assad out, and they are willing to side with the devil himself if it gets them what they want with zero thought as to what they will replace the Assad regime with.

I don’t know who is sicker, these animals or our leaders who started all this shit in the middle east, then fucking funded, trained and backed these scum to the hilt.

Ps, apologies for the graphic and too detailed information. i’ve removed it. but for others, unless you have zero compassion and feeling, DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO!

The people of Syria are trapped between two devils, Assad and the war, and your leaders. If the world is any good, they wouldn’t have allowed a criminal like Assad in charge after 5 years of the revolution. Global interests are more important than people lives, more important than sinking children in the sea. Nobody sided with Syrian people, now it became a zone of destruction and extremism, the whole world fed the devil now they can’t face it when it grew up, and it seems that the only solution is not removing Assad, it’s isolating Syria and Syrians and funding this and funding that.

Another example, of the world being so hypocritical with crocodile tears, Egypt president came with a coup and killing thousands of people, and still the world recognized him, because he’s keeping their interests, nobody gave a shit about democracy and those pinky preaches. I remember France president who came to Egypt one day after Sisi took financial aids from KSA to sell weapons. He’s a direct sponsor to terrorism in my eyes, and now he’s crying from what’s going on in France.

I see the whole world is connected, your leaders support our tyrants, our tyrants repress and kill us, every type of retaliation will emerge. They directly contribute to the establishments of terrorist groups!! The world was safer few years back before Assad was allowed to do what he’s doing, before Iraq war. They’re fucking crushing the whole area! hundreds are dieing in daily basis. Terrorist groups are gaining more personnel who wants any kind of retaliation. It’s a single vicious cycle.

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Syria is yet another disaster caused by the West and one which we will suffer for for so many years to come .
Apart from the fact Israel and Saudi Arabia didnt like Assad and the Syrian regime in general . There was nothing going on in Syria which was a beacon of stability in a troubled Arab world. Assad was a dictator but as dictators go he wasnt the worst but the Israeli’s hate him because Syrias support of Israels enemies namely Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Also dont want to give back the Golan heights which they stole from Syria. The Saudi’s hate hime because he is Alawite which is closer to Shi’ite.
The Uprising came from demonstrations of Sunni’s and might have died down had the US and its allies not got involved but instaed they recruited their old friends in Al Qaeda in Iraq and formed an army which was loosely called the free Syrian Army but was made up largely of Iraqi’s fresh from their Bloodbath in Libya !
Having armed them to the teeth and given them lots of money we then acted with surprise as they gleefully set about slaughtering anything that moved and now they control large portions of Syria which is now little more than a bombsite and Northern Iraq which is follwoing suit .
We have destroyed the infrastructure of the area and the ramifications are with us for decades.
Not unsurprisingly those whop have made it to Europe are angry and trauimatised and ready to inflict damage on the host nations ! Obama is a war criminal and so is Cameron but jailing them wont stop this carnage !
The only answer to this shite is to get out of the area and let them all get on with it !

US airstrikes allegedly kill at least 73 civilians in northern Syria

That’s simply heart wrenching.

The whole world and all morality is upside down.

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Truly awful scenes in Aleppo. Horrific.

I’m flipping between anger and sadness :cry:

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interesting podcast ryhino but qatar is exporting its lng by ship to europe which kind of puts a dent in there.

They purposed a pipe and so did Iran assard went with Iran. Qutar is back by suadi and America while Iran is Sunni and assard is backed by Russia. America had not problem with Syria till they refused the pipe

“lay down arms”

Is this a typo for executed?

Many people in the EU will be happy. Assad is doing the dirty job for them.

The current reporting in Syria shows just how evil our media is . Fabrication of attrocities,so called charity organisations giving fake news to western journos who make no checks and spin them out like there real ,none of whom are anywhere near the action ,its all a crock !
No one even talking about how this entire shitfest was started by and paid for by the so called western allies !

In case u think we would never do that ,take this one from the Iraq farce

This young woman who turned out to be the niece of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the USA .She weepingly told the UN how saddams troops stormed the hospital and took the incubators leaving untold babies to die .
Turns out she wasn’t there and they made the whole thing up to put old saddam in a bad light ,how strange !


I didn’t really believe your horse shoe thing in that other thread until this issue of Syria came up.

The far right and the far left cheering this shit, is repugnant.

History will look down on all of us for allowing Bashar Al Assad to do this. He is a man that better burn in the worst of hells that utter scum. Ruined his own country just so he could keep ruling it. Thundercunt needs a bullet to the head.

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