The Syrian Situation Thread (general discussion on Syria)


The country was ruined by the western allies who armed and trained islamic nutters to go on a killing spree beacause they didnt like assad .
Up untill that point Syria was one of the most stable states in the region !


So we’re gonna pretend that assads brutal reaction to the Arab spring protests didn’t happen?


Im not saying he’s a nice guy,he isnt he ruled over a nation of mixed religious and cultural groups and like all dictators wouldnt flinch from locking people up and killing a few on the way,thats how dictators survive !
People want democracy well Iraqis could have told them its overated .
People might not have liked Assad but the vast majority lived pretty well under him as they did in Iraq prior its destruction .
Now what have they got ,nothing but death and misery the country is finsished and why is that !
The western allies recruited thousands of islamic nutters armed and trained them and let them loose ,they have destroyed the country and made Iraq a bloodbath again ! Far from helping we have fucked up again ,we never ever learn !


Syria was always doomed from the start. Assad’s ability to properly look after and represent a majority of ethnic groupings within Syria has clearly failed. His legitimacy has vanished yet it looks like Russia will propel his government for even longer.

Inability by the west, well more than just the west, to act before it spiralled out of control has been a mjor contributing factor to what’s happening in Aleppo now. The situation wouldn’t have probably been any better truth be told if we had intervened in 2013, but it would’ve given the west a foothold to do more. Now we can’t do anything, not even ensure the delivery of aid parcels ffs, for fear of the Russians. I sometimes think these conflicts are better resolved when left to their own, but Russia, and to a lesser extent Iran, have too much to lose by pulling out now.

Certianly I hope for Syrians that the future brings about something better than Assad. The man is pure evil, Obama should have stuck to his guns on his so called ‘Red Lines’. When he didn’t act it legitimised the actions of Assad. As long as Assad and Putin are working together Syria will remain a hell hole.


what are u talking about the west did act ,it funded armed and trained ISIS,and then it started bombing assads troops and positions not to mention destrying whats left of the countrys infrastrcuture .

Obabma is a war criminal and a traitor he n hillary should be locked up for what they have done !


spot on

for purely geopolitical reasons the west has supported Daesh / ISIS in trying to unseat Russia’s ally

it is truly disgusting and Wikileaks has exposed them too

Sheeple in the west have believed the MSM that Assad is the bogey man. Idiots


Yeah, it’s really idiotic to view Assad a bad guy :rolling_eyes:

I don’t mind fair criticism of the west when justified, but this whole sucking up to Putin and Assad is frankly embaressing and very worrying.

But by all means talk about war criminals and avoid putting any blame on the guys Putin and Assad. I assume they’re excluded from being classfied as war criminals?


Im fine with people being anti western imperialiasm. But what annoys me is once people take that stance they find the need to become apologists for anything on the opposite side. Bit disguting imo.

Take a look at your last few posts. The balance is not there at all.

  1. You post videos trying to justify Assads actions and even go as far as saying atrocities are fabricated, is that all his atrocities or just the ones he’s committed today? You use arguments against western media about not being there but feel you have the authority to claim the exact opposite having presumably not just come back from Aleppo yourself.

  2. You say it’s the wests fault that the country went to shit without apportioning blame to the other side. In fact you justify what Assad did in the earlier years by saying along the lines of “that’s just what dictators gotta do” LOL.

  3. You talk about the west recruiting “Islamic nutters” but fail to mention the use of Iranian gangs (and small parts of the regime) who have been undertaking horrors on Sunni muslims.

  4. You then go straight on to saying Obama and Clinton should be trialled for war crimes but again no mention of the other side.

It’s a complicated war in which there is pure evil on both sides. The west picks a side which benefits their interests Iran/Russia pick a side that benefits their interests.


This is absolutely spot on, well said.


Im not an apologist in the slightest nor do I suport assad you arrogant cunt ,but I ask you would you rather be alive and live under a dictator or would you rather be dead or living in a country that has been utterly destroyed.As Syria ,Afghanistan and Iraq have been too.
I’ve been to Syria several times the last time in 2008 people there didnt particularly like the government but they were alive their houses and families were intact.
The so called civil war was in fact nothing of the kind , the so called rebels are in fact paid mercenaries paid and trained by the western allies.
The so called opposition has been faking attroicities since the very beggining , remember the gas attack , a cruel hoax and theyve done all this before .
Are assads people doing bad things fuck yea i didnt say they are good people but they are syrian !
If theres no balance in my writing its because without the wests intervention hundreds of thousands of people would still be alive today !
I have no authority but i know lies when I see them !


The west are not the ones bombing Aleppo into submission. They are not the ones usong white phosphorous and other chemical weapons on their own people.

That is Assad, and Russia.

Now ISIS are cunts, but in terms of raw numbers of people maimed and killed, the Syrian regime have it well beat.

Surely you think the Syrian people have a right to he angry that a brutal dictator is running their country and the only change will be when he passes it on to his dipshit son? That and a possible climate disaster caused the protests when Syria joined the Arab Spring.

@gunnerpr has it bang on. Im no fan of western foreign policy projections as many people know, but Assad has done things on an industrial scale ISIS could only imagine. The Russians aren’t any better than the West. Wrong is wrong whether it is Putin or Obama or Bush doing it.


Oh yes they are matey and have been since day 1 the Isreali Airrforce did it in the very early stages .
The troops they are fighting are largely foreigners who hide amongst the civilian population,. Its a dirty horrible war which would NOT have happened if we had kept our big noses out …pretty simple !
I hate all wars ,what has happened is another wholly avoidable tradegy !


What Drayton says jives with what all my Syrian friends/customers have to say on the subject. Assad was protecting Christians and minorities from the barbaric acts of Muslims. Syria was a nice safe place to live. That is until the west started paying mercenaries for what ever reason to rebel against the Assad regime. Anyways this is just what I’ve been told from people who have seen it with their own eyes. Still that doesn’t mean much because I’m sure Assad feeds his people propaganda as well.


Basically, Assad is repeating what his father did with Hama in 1982. He just wanted to destroy them.


Firstly apologies to gunnerpr for calling u a cunt . I was wrong . Assad has a lot to account for ,hes been a murdering barsteward for many years and yes should be in jail too. His role in the Lebanon has caused misery for years .
I don’t think putins a nice guy either . But If the west hadn’t recruited and armed isis millions of Syrians would still have homes and a country to live in. and hundreds of thousands would still be alive.


This could get rather ugly.

Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov wounded in gun attack in Turkey -

It’s not reported whether he’s dead or seriously injured, either way the international ramifications could be huge.



Oh fuck! Getting nasty here.


Its going to get a lot worse b4 it gets better , Turkey has been goading Russia into action so that the allies can pile in more for some time .
PS Turkey likes ISIS cos they kill kurds !


UK media also reporting this now, very worrying.

Turkey and Russia have been goading eachother for some time now. I thought it culminated with the shooting down of the Russian jet this year, guess not.