The State of The Arsenal

Yep absolutely wanted to win it and did from the first time we were in it. But in context, I am not too bent out of shape about this specific exit. Atletico and Villarreal were way more annoying. And obviously fucking Baku

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Yup I’m the same, definitely want to win it but also not overly upset to be out of it in this season specifically if it means we win the PL (or at least increase our chances of doing so).

I understand the people saying the exit could help the title charge.
Problem is I heard this when we went out the cup and hit our poorest form of the season.
Think we move on if we get the win on Sunday. Then and only then does this argument for going out build any credence.

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Absolutely a necessity to win against Palace, otherwise another wasted opportunity.

"If we use probabilities from our Euro Club Index for each remaining match to calculate the expected points for Arsenal and Manchester City at the end of the season, Arsenal finish on 87 points and City on 86.
"If we partially subjectively allocate a win, draw or loss to each of the remaining fixtures led by the Euro Club Index probabilities, both teams end on 88 points. Either way, this is a genuine title race which is very difficult to call.
"The match between the two on April 26 will clearly be a key fixture in deciding the destination of the Premier League trophy.
“On the basis of an estimated 66% win chance for City according to the Euro Club Index, we have given City three points. If Arsenal avoid defeat, or even win, this will have a major impact on the title race.”

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The bookies have us clear favourites.
Arsenal 4/7
Man City 11/8

someone might have something to say about this :henry2:

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They’re so good


Seeing stuff like this gives me palpitations now. I am not ready for what these next few months bring.

Tell me about it
We have a group of mates and we talk all the time on Whatsapp.
Some of us have ST and go home and away, some of us dont.
The ones that dont go are enjoying it and keep saying how they are loving the games etc.
The ones that go, say they are not enjoying it and want it to be over lol

Its horrible to be involved, that little bit of hope, or catching yourself thinking about the potential celebrations in May, being at games that go to the wire, knowing you always need 3 points.
Its not enjoyable at all


How is it a divide between fans at home viewing games and fans in the stadium having differing outlooks.
Can’t get my head around this.

Well, its not a divide, but ultimately I dont know, we were discussing it in the pub

Maybe when we drop points, or dont do that well, our mates at home can switch off and go to bed if its a midweek night game, or at the weekend carry on with whatever they were doing before the game. Harder to do that walking out the ground after youve been there


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Was a conversation between my group of mates

Glad I brought it up :roll_eyes:

How does this work for the season ticket holder who goes all the home games but can’t go the away games or afford the European away ties. Do they just join the masses of privileged armchair fans and go to bed or get on with the weekend in the same circumstances?

It was a conversation between a group of mates fella

Just discussing how we feel at the games. You’re reading far to much into it.

Just expressing an opinion on it.


As a season ticket holder I wouldn’t say fans who watch on TV feel any less crap after a game. If you love Arsenal you’re always going to be down after a loss. Only real difference is you don’t have the journey home which is made even more crap if we have lost. That said when we win it is amazing being there in person and far better than watching on TV, but you can say that about any event in person.


I can tell you for a fact, when you make the effort in the middle of the night for 25 years and results go poorly it makes you feel crap, living 18000km away or whatever doesn’t ease it much.


It’s how I was thinking about it, but I’d argue even if you’re in England watching it on a TV.

An Arsenal loss feels so much worse when you have to bask in misery all alone at home, rather than with 1000s of likeminded Arsenal fans in a stadium, at least you have each other.