The Sopranos

Finished s1.

Tony’s face when he finds out his mum’s had a stroke. :arteta:
One of my favourite scenes.

Poor Mikey. He was one of my favourites.

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Spoilers man :arteta:

Was planning on watching this soon too, never watched it.

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ahhhh sorry breh. thought most of you guys had already seen it

Shamefully the same here

The last episode is the best finale to any show I’ve ever seen. Perfect. The tension and suspense is on another level.

So consistent throughout all the 6 seasons and definitely worth the time investment. One of the best TV shows ever made.


What’s your view on what happens to Tony at the end?

(You can add spoilers to your reply if you want. I’ll try to decrypt it…somehow)

One of the top 3 dramas of all time—Breaking Bad and The Wire as the other two.


Deffo. Can’t disagree there. One thing I liked more about the Sopranos than the other two was the camera work. Genuinely felt like you were watching a film instead of a drama.

Storyline-wise, the Wire is a brilliant saga. Breaking Bad has the best writing (which is also being demonstrated in Better Call Saul)


I always believed that Tony dies. I remember somebody saying earlier in the season (or another season, can’t remember) that when you die, you probably don’t even hear it when it happens.

The cut to black is so jarring given the music playing the background, the noises of the diner etc. To me, that could only mean he gets killed and the blackness and silence is his death. The scene shows people entering the diner from Tony’s point of view, so when it cuts to black I figured it was again Tony’s POV after being killed.

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I thought my DVD was broke

Yeah, can’t open that :pensive:

literally just click on the blurry bit :arteta:

If I had a penny for every time I heard that…


I agree with that. Fantastic acting as well.

Here’s a long take on the final episode:

Link contains spoilers (obviously) for those that don’t want to know what happens.

Oz was better

Oz = Ozark?

Nah it was a show on HBO in the 90s before The Sopranos- really one HBO’s first prime time TV spots and it actually featured many of the actors from the Sopranos and some from The Wire.

It’s one of my favourite TV shows of all time and was well ahead of it’s time. Ozark good too though.

Castiel you saucy little hipster slag, Oz was not better than The Sopranos haha. It’s a good show and a bit of a forebearer to other excellent HBO shows (seems like the whole cast is people who later went on to be in The Wire and The Sopranos), but the camera work, writing, directing and acting are all inferior to The Sopranos for a start.

Definitely worth a watch though, no way near as well known or watched as it should be. Its a very good show. But I think it does feel pretty dated now.

Always loved Ryan O’Reily on Oz though, fucking brilliant character, that manipulative, Machiavellian fuck. Best thing about the show for me.


Jesus christ lol, can’t even formulate a response after that.

But yeh for me it was way better but I do agree its more dated than the likes of the Soprano’s but it probably didn’t have the same kind of budget at the time. However without Oz all you boys wouldn’t have your Wire to cream over so there is that.

As for the characters there are too many to mention I loved O’Reily to but I liked his looney toons boxing brother even more. When I think back there are so many unflinching poignant moments throughout the show that I felt The Wire and The Sopranos just couldn’t match, to be entirely honest the other two shows were bland in comparison and I feel so many shows borrow from the underrated excellence of OZ.

J.k. Simmon’s steals every scene he’s in and his influence on Beecher’s descent into an institutionalised sociopath is a better narrative than anything on TV since. For me its the best show period and I’m not just saying that based on nostalgia as I re watched it a few years back and loved it every bit as much, even if the final season is a wash- but at that point they didn’t know if they were getting renewed.

But yeh it blows my mind how few people have actually heard of it never mind watched, ironically as we now live in the so called golden age to television.

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