The Sopranos

Absolutely agree here. You’ve gotta be fair and acknowledge the evidently different budgets, and that The Sopranos and The Wire probably (almost certainly) don’t exist in their current form without that show.

I’d totally forgotten Simmons was in it and the whole Schillinger and Beecher dynamic, fucking brilliant TV. Just remembered when Beecher gets his revenge in the gym, fuck :joy:

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Yeh man not to mention all the death row shit which was dark as fuck. Show was incredibly ballsy for something released on TV in the nineties.

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I already despise Janice Soprano and the influence she’s having on Meadow.


Is that Tony’s sister?


I see a lot of sopranos chatter in the other threads.

Just at the episode where that dumbfuck friend of Tony…

gambles into their ‘big game’ and owes Tony £45000. Owes Richie £7000.
His son and Tony’s daughter are mates and he steals his son’s car and gives it to Tony to pay those debts :arteta:

The one where they go to Italy is a GOAT episode.

Furio >>>>

Love the Italy episode. Such a good parody of these dumb American cunts who take so much pride in their Italian heritage but in the end are less Italian than Shepherds pie.


That was perfect. I love Paulie but he’s a moron.

the way they pronounce Italian things :arteta:

Always thought that Tony’s friend should have just gone T-1000 on him and just stabbed him through the throat and settled the debt that way

This is simply delightful :clap:

Me rn. Also “Parvati” (Janice) the cunt

In order to not spoint anything, how far have you got? Regarding his mother (spoiler tag alert)

The actress that plays Olivia is based on Cases own mother. The ‘poor you’ line is something that Cases mum would in fact say to him. Cases narative choice of mother/psych dynamic predates the mafia narative. The character Olivia is displaying narcasssistic personality disorder. Which means she lacks empathy, desires attention, takes pleasure in being sadistic, is incredibly jealous and twists the truth to suit her agenda amongst other issues. The mother was supposed to be a key character throughout the series. But in real life the actress that plays Olivia died from cancer

Season 2 last ep was basically when furio arrives in the US.

Just watched the ep of AJs confirmation.

I love AJ

I hate Chris, the dumb tragic prick.

AJ is a spoilt, conceited prick.

Vito’s son did more in 1 episode than AJ did in 6 seasons

Furio >>>>>>>

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with disdain in Italian,

“these guys suck eachother’s dicks”

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Ended S2.

Janice killing Richie, did not expect that. Great moment.

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F’ckin shit finale, too