The scum away Sunday 30th April


Yeah but then there are also people who spend a shit load of their hard earned money to attend Arsenal when they know we aren’t going to win shit and be behind by the leaders by 21 points. Aren’t they more real fans? It’s easy to sit at home and watch on tv but what about taking your entire day, spending a bunch of your money, and going to see a team who don’t even applaud you for coming out bar a couple of players who actually give a shit?


I gave up watching Arsenal / Leicester on a stream the other day because I couldn’t be arsed with the constant lag, however I also did Ludogorets away this season. I am both awesome and terrible :wink:


Well I already said if people have other plans, lives, families etc that is fine. But if, after we start doing badly people suddenly make plans, then that is what bothers me. “Oh I would watch my team, but now they won’t win anything I’ll go elsewhere”. That is when I have a problem.


For me personally, I will try and watch what games I can that happen to be on TV. I don’t bother with the games that aren’t on TV, that’s fine, I’m not fussed about that. We get shown a lot these days, so many times in the year to see us play, so for me it’s not always 100% crucial to see every game that gets shown. 20 years ago you’d be lucky to have 5 or 10 games on telly for us in the whole season. I’ve always been used to more watching highlights in the evening.

Though I won’t pretend that if there’s a match or Motorsport on at the same time, I will always pick the latter (unless it happened to be a major cup final, or a game that could see us win the League, ha:) They are my two main passions but the latter takes priority for me. So sometimes it can be quite easy to get into the habit of missing a game on TV sometimes and while it’s annoying, it’s not the bee all and end all for me.


oh fuck your dead when @Phoebica reads this mysty #fakefan


Nah @mysty knows I love him. He comes under my rule anyway - he has other passions.

So screw you Calum :smirk_cat:


Haha, most of the time I’m pretty lucky because some how, it’s as if Sky or BT know when there’s racing on because there’s been so many games rescheduled for TV that has meant I get to see the match and a race without clashing. It usually works out perfectly and clashes thankfully don’t happen too much.



Okay recognise your passion but im choosing life over sunderland and Boro. Just being honest with you here but while your watching some box set im probably reading some Arsenal trivia from years ago.
Thats my passion or what makes me tic as part of being an Arsenal fan.
Bottom line its no more your club than mine imo.


Oh I never said it was more my club. Basically I just want to understand other’s way of thinking. My way is I can’t not watch a match. I honestly don’t mean to insult anyone, I just don’t get it.

And over Sunderland and Boro? Lol.


It’s all on pay TV, but yeah I do have the luxury of being able to watch it on TV as I have all the channels. I understand from my time in the UK the 3pm kick off for you are a pain in the arse unless your attending.


It’s a bit more complicated than that. I watched Arsenal religiously in seasons like 2005-06, 08-09/09-10, 12-13, 14-15 etc. etc. even when we had no chance of winning anything (in the league at least), but that was because I was under the illusion that we were going places…and I found ways to build up illusory hopes, either through our manager, our playing style, or our (young…and brilliant, in the case of Diaby) players.

It’s not really possible to do that these days, and in short it’s depressing to watch Arsenal. I don’t think people like me who have invested years of time are so called ‘fairweather fans’ for deciding to invest our time in more rewarding activities when watching Arsenal genuinely brings no joy, but rather the opposite. Not that it even has the power to affect mood at this point–that’s how numb and disillusioned most of us are to the current state of affairs–watching Arsenal these days for me is just kinda like watching a poorly written and acted series, having been told already how it ends. In the end one’s free time can be spent better, no matter our shared addiction.


You’ve nailed it AC.


I think as far as the "fairweather’ fans argument goes, I’m seeing a lot of those now. Not so much on here, fortunately, which is why I joined this place, but more so on other forums.

This sentiment of “Oh, this club’s killing me”, “I’ve had enough” or quite simply “I can’t be bothered any more” that we’re getting from other forums and Arsenal Fan TV. Really? Well, f*** off then. There are many other fans that would want to go to the games and support the club, sing the Arsenal name even though they’d be hugely disappointed with the players and would hold an underlying prejudice against Wenger.

These same fairweather fans were probably also fired up for yesterday’s game in spite of saying they were finished with the club and couldn’t wait for the season to be over after defeats to Everton and man city way back in December.

The hypocrisy is disgusting. Support the club. That’s what you decided to do, so do it.


Yeah he has definitely nailed it…

Let’s watch Arsenal when it’s good. Let’s not watch Arsenal when it’s not. That seems to be the consensus. Clearly I’m in the minority here, perhaps I am a masochist afterall.


Reality is when it comes to sport 80-90 % of people are generally bandwagon types, whilst 10-20% will be loyal and always continue to watch regardless of the results.


Watch you dont build that high moral pedestal to high you might get nose bleeds.
Should we now get into a debate of how much history you should know about Arsenal to be a real fan.
Maybe discuss how many programmes yous should collect or retro shirts, ticket stubs.
Honestly let people (fans) support in their own way. Think most know what constitutes one.


None of what you’ve listed is up for debate here though. It’s not a test.

My point was more that some people don’t seem to support them at all. Which again, is fine, I just don’t understand it. I don’t understand how someone can support a team but when they have access to their match on TV, they choose to watch something else instead. That is all. Obviously people are entitled to do what they want, I was simply just trying to understand that logic.


Look what Wenger’s done! HE’S TEARING OA APART!!!


**[quote=“Cristo, post:200, topic:1427, full:true”]
Look what Wenger’s done! HE’S TEARING OA APART!!!

Tbf his ineptitude has actually united us this season.