The scum away Sunday 30th April


No but im stating if I finish 12 hour shift 2 hours before kick off and decide ive got no interest in us playing sunderland in midweek am I not allowed to do something else more beneficial too me.
Because its sounding like you have to be in your ideal scenario. It was my outlook years ago too but with so many ways of following the game now I think thats a redundant point.


Oh I don’t care really. I’m not gonna bother myself over it. It’s more that I just don’t understand that decision. I’m pretty laid back in general. But, to me, it’s weird how you can know that your team are playing but choose to not watch it.

I don’t think my body would physically let me not watch an Arsenal match if I could.


I’m with @Phoebica 100% on this. For all my bitching and moaning I will always make the effort to watch Arsenal.


Yeah you can, our situation is a little different because the management of the club are persisiting with Arsene when he consistently fails. That gets really tiring, and that’s the main issue. If we were swapping managers every three years or so because they weren’t getting results I think you would see a big difference. The fan base would at least be energized for change. Right now watching Arsenal has become like torture because it’s so easily predictable. We are gonna lose these type of matches, that tablw showing we’ve had 3 points from away matches against the top half of the table is slit your wrists type of stuff.


Meh, there are plenty of people that don’t bother with the downswing of a season just because they are too emotionally attached that it drags their mood down by actively following games. I don’t see a problem if they then decide to not bother with each and every live game and rather put that time into an other activity, just so they catch up with the results later.


2 points from away matches vs the top half, don’t give us an extra point we don’t deserve.


:heart_eyes_cat: and you’re in Australia. You were actually one of the people who I’d let off. But weirdly you are a better fan than most here.


Tbf there’s not a lot of Arsenal football that will drag you down when your expectations are already so low :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah sometimes it’s impossible to watch the end of midweek games during the winter months in the U.K, due to having to leave for work. Other than that though pretty much watch everything as frustrating as it’s been of late.


You are amazing for doing that. I don’t know why you do to be honest, your sleeping patterns must be all over place - but yeah, if an Aussie can do it, then someone based in the UK can! You’re Negative Nigel and you still watch the matches.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would watch Arsenal wherever we were in the league.


Sometimes the streams are so shit you just give up. Have you never experienced this?

Aussie probs has every arsenal game on aussie tv no? :wink:




Well I pay for Sky and BT Sport. But again, my point was about people choosing not to watch a match when they could if they wanted to


I may have used the wrong term there in “better fan” but he is still pretty amazing.

Don’t laugh, he is up at stupid o clock in the morning to watch a match. Whereas others have it right in front of them at 4pm UK time on a Sunday and choose to do something else.


I think it sumes up how bad we are atm when there is more chat about what makes a proper fan, than what actually happened in our match :sweat_smile:

Interesting discussion nonetheless.


Relax guys. We could be…ehm…i don’t know :xhaka:


Not watching is one thing not caring is another… I care about all our games some more than others(today) but i dont or cant always watch them… Shame some of our players dont care as much, whatever they may tweet…


The end of that sentence is Leyton Orient


Cheers lady :wink:


Whats wrong with doing something you enjoy and then catching up with something later. Surely thats common sense.