The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Imagine going to work as normal on Wednesday then on Thursday morning you have this quandary

Ah man. So it begins. We’re going to war

I hope it will be limited to these operations and those eastern regions.

Got a few friends who live in Kharkiv which is next to the Russian border in the north east. Hope they stay safe. :frowning:

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Holy fuck sounds like Pitin has for full throttle war.

The consequences won’t be good for Russia ultimately, but must be horribke being Ukranian right now

When all’s said and done here Germany needs to explain why as one of the largest exporter of arms in the world they refused and also blocked arms being sold to Ukraine to allow them to defend themselves.

That’s obvious. Germany and much of Europe is dependent on Russian natural gas, many politicians on the take from Russian oil and gas oligarchs.


US wants to get involved in this?
Nice knowing ya lads. We’re coming out of this COVID Arc with the WW3. Straight to the main event.


The American people very unlikely as a whole want anything to do with this. “Geniuses” in D.C. want Russia to become part of Europe and become its gas station but I don’t know how you force that against a nuclear nation. The idiocy also just pushes China and Russia even closer together.


Sorry, I don’t think this is correct. If anything the geniuses in DC aren’t happy at all that Russia is Western Europe’s gas station as it gives Putin leverage since it makes Europe dependent on Russia.

The U.S. much rather sell its own more expensive gas to Europe.

Western sanctions push Russia closer to China. If Russia can’t do business with the West. Well it will do business with the East.

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They want it to be Europe’s gas station as part of Europe. A lot of this all started with NATO expansionism with Ukraine, on Russia’s doorstep. The intention was to slowly push western culture more on Russians from there to slowly get Russian people onside with becoming part of Europe.


Sorry I can’t agree.

The US absolutely loathes Nord Stream 2 and doesn’t want it. It doesn’t like Russia’s stranglehold on Europe via gas dependency at all.

If they wanted Russia to be part of Europe. They could have let Russia join NATO when it applied for it in the 90s. Russia got shunned.


The U.S. was letting NordStresm2 happen pre-Trump. Much of the DC swamp was angry with him taking on Merkel regarding it.

This is true for the most part but politicians and media doing the bidding of the arms industry will still push for it.

Two generations of Americans have spent 20+ years fighting wars for profit and are skeptical if not fully cynical about U.S. foreign policy as a whole.


Exactly. The American people are fed up fighting in wars they have no business in fighting in.

But DC is an entirely different story.

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U.S. foreign policy has been hijacked by NGO’s such as Atlantic Council. That’s where a lot of this mess comes from. I don’t know about Ukraine and Putin but it should also be noted that American military adventurism into Middle East and North Africa was secretly on behalf of E.U. leaders and to support E.U. economic advancement even though it all went belly up. Evidence of this can be seen with Libya and Syria. Cameron, Sarkozy, and Merkel all were fully behind that all.

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Asking in total ignorance here but what tools did they have to stop this?

Not sure what this meme is supposed to be saying. Weren’t we lied to about WMD in Iraq? Are we just supposed to trust those who want war?