The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

This evening Putin has addressed the Russian people giving reasons why Ukraine isn’t a real country and therefore shouldn’t exist.

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Putin to Ukraine - “Crimea river”

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It’s not an invasion if the one you’re invading is yourself.


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It’s just amazing how the US has made Putin and Russia behave like this so that they can get the war they so desperately want.

Some real 4D Underwater Chess mind-games from Biden and his Lockheed cronies.


2014 was a coup supported by the U.S. which deposed off a Russia friendly president. Not something Putin was happy about. And which caused Ukraine to plunge into a civil war.

Biding his time, he waited for the right moment to make his next moves.

Maybe it’s some 6D interstellar chess after all :slight_smile:

I feel for my Ukrainian friends in Kharkiv and in western parts of Ukraine. Hopefully it limits itself to the donbass and Luhansk regions only.

I still can’t seem to move past how ominous this all is for my petrol bill.

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Really interesting take here, worth the read.


Big move from Germany

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Good read indeed.

Particularly liked this last one

This seems to be escalating quick quickly. You can’t help but feel we’re at a point of no return now and it probably won’t end well



Worth a read I’d say, sent to me by my centrist Finnish friend who says he thinks it’s a pretty common take back home across the board.


He’s not finished he’s only (insert age of said friend)

Very interesting.

I really hope Finland and Sweden see the light now and decide to join NATO.

This is also an interesting read - you can really see how the Russian’s have been trying to put it into play over the last few years

:joy: :speak_no_evil:

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Fucking hell putin going all out, war started in earnest with bombings across major cities. Sounds like they are trying to take Kiev airport right now.

I guess the intelligence agencies were right after all.