The randomly nothing thread

I thought he already was dead.

Bill Cosby > Billy Connolly

He’s in a very bad way

At sexual assault, yes.

Isn’t Bill Cosby a sex pest tho

Yes, a total twat.

Easily funnier at stand-up comedy than Billy Connolly, though

You remember @Castiel? He’s back, in dog form.


@Castiel being a cat-loving, carnivorous, quadruped makes sense now.

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My like is purely for this reference, you even made it rhyme.


You were the key target demographic on this one.

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Types of people who work 5 days in the office :joy:

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well that’s 53 seconds of my life I will never get back


Next door neighbours are drilling at this time. (8pm for those not in the UK)

Is that an acceptable time or am I in my right to tell them to stop making so much noise?

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I’d say you can’t do shit like that post 9pm. I wouldn’t myself.

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So you reckon I should give them another hour and then I’m in my rights to tell them to stop ?


Yeah I think thats the unofficial Neighbourly rule haha

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In the interests of maintaining semi-cordial relations with the neighbours, I’d begin by asking rather than telling :grin:


If the big man @SRCJJ comes over to my flat and says stop drilling. I do it no problems :joy:


I feel like the asking is effectively telling anyway lol. “Hey, could you stop drilling” is basically a really polite way of saying “stop the fucking drilling please”

But I agree lol


Tbh, I personally would probably just leave it til bedtime, that’s when I start getting mad about that sort of stuff lol. Also chances are they’ll have stopped and I avoid any sort of confrontation.

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