The Randomly Nothing thread


The British take pride in suffering, which is why the Tories always do so well


Did Jezza just say he’s been hosting that show for 4 years? Fuck off…

I thought I remembered his first ep being like a year ago? What in the ever loving fuck…

Agreed, if I have a daughter I’m going to make sure I give her a name that’ll sound good being said while her cheeks are getting clapped.

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So Jade then. I am flattered.

I know my kids names. Oliver for a boy and Luna for a girl.

Yep. Well pride in what they think they suffered through.

When they themselves did no such thing.

Thanks for that Jakey. I’m now thinking about my eleven year old daughter and realising maybe her schooling isn’t maybe going to be my biggest worry after all.:upside_down_face:

anyone have the number of a burns unit for this guy?

I remember every December they changed the backing music to Christmas backing music :joy:


I feel like that is how that screen looked less than ten years ago. It’s hardly 1970’s teletext.


Honestly after using London North Eastern and so many other train services, I don’t think I’ll complain about ScotRail again.

It’s actually very good when you compare it.

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Bought some of these Le Creuset (supposedly pronounced like Lacazette :joy:) pots for my wife’s birthday they cost a fucking arm and a leg, but the quality is best in class and you get a lifetime guarantee, anyway she banned from using hers because apparently I was “mashing it up” (More haters trying to stifle my creativity :joy:) which I wasn’t and they still look good as new, anyway in the name of harmony I ordered my self my own Dutch pot for stews and stuff. Plus some accessories.

Spent all day thinking about what I should make Curry Chicken or Brown stew Chicken, finally decided to cook some brown stew chicken to break this bad boy in, going to have it with Rice, macaroni pie and coleslaw.

Update: pot in action and the final result



Ocean Blue Calypso Lemonade though, a man of good taste.

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@Craigie when she told me she wanted some, I thought sweet I could buy her the whole set thinking they were standard pot and pan prices :joy: never heard of them before that.

@Josh you know it bro trying to stay hydrated and refreshed at the same time :rofl:


Makes a change from us being in lockdown tbf

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How do y’all get those yellow writing tag things beside your name?

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You gotta bribe a mod. Or ask one at least.


Seriously, no way to do it ourselves?

Ah, ok. Can someone please make mine say General Shellfishness… Thanks. :slight_smile: :bergkamp:

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Can I have Mi Artetico please while it’s still relevent for a little while more before he gets sacked