The Randomly Nothing thread

Yeah and it’s strangely compelling somehow because of that.

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I don’t get why Nigella is wedged between the 2 quiz shows (University Challenge is on now)

8 til 9 should be Only Connect and UC


The only thing I can think of is “Bundesligahår” which translates to Bundesligahair and basically means exactly that :laughing:

Quite niche but yeah that’s what I imagine it is hahaha


It translates to German League Hair

The comments are a joy as you can imagine

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This is why anybody who knows anything about the band will tell you it wasn’t written as a Christmas song.
Listen to it on the album at anytime of the year. It’s good song. Not a festive one.
The record company promoted it that way but it’s so obvious if you look at the lyrics what it’s about.
Good hope it gets dropped anyway doesn’t deserved to be lumped with that xmas shite anyway.



Yeah record temp staff in the workplace a month early now.
They’ve cut our 2 meter social distancing to a meter and given us a box of masks to wear.
Seems too be a phantom load of people all of a sudden who have reasons they can’t wear them though.
Happy days.


Just censor the offensive term used about gay people, like radio stations do all the time with swear words in songs, and you’re good to go.

Notwithstanding a parcel costs a good bit more to send than a letter, so yeah.

Well, it seems the band have had their say :grin:


I never could have seen Lawrence Fox join Union Jack Twitter. Another 2020 thing

He seems exactly the sort to me.

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really worried for my mum, she’s a carer and has to have a covid test every week and this time it came back positive along with 7 other people :frowning:

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Main thing is she’s been tested. Keep her isolated and send her your love every day.
Fingers crossed for her Luke. Stay strong.


What @Stroller said mate. Send her your love and hopefully all will be ok. All the best.


Don’t worry mate, I have the covid and was in bed with a fever for about two weeks, my mom and dad had it and my sister also has it. All better now, your mom will be fine, she might not even feel it if she’s not experiencing any symptoms.


Hope you’re mums ok, crossing my fingers for you bud!


Hope she’s better soon, LTG.


She’ll get better soon, Luke

Have faith :blush: