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It usually is cheddar.

It looks so much like plastic, once I actually forgot to take off the plastic foil before letting it melt on my burger. Fucking ruined my burger and had an awful smell in the kitchen. Bad day, that.


That looks pretty bad. I was referring to real cheese slices, Like these:

Looks so fake.

Can you even tell the difference?!

What you posted is real cheese for sure. The stuff @Craigie was referring to (I think) is basically milk protein manufactured into a fake cheese.

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I promise you can instantly. It’s thick and tastes great, because it’s real cheese and not processed cheese.

I’ve become so used to Kraft cheese slices that they’re what I want on my burger now. Sad, I know.

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The slight comical side to living with family members who watch the shitty NDTV and other channels. The consistent incorrect use of English grammar. :arteta:


Ffs :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@LukeTheGooner on a bit of a spree here :joy::grin:

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Ah sorry for ruining it

For some reason, it actually looks better with your single post in between Luke’s posts there.

looks like Giroud signed for Charlton


Amazing invention !!

I hate after washing your hands you need to touch the disgusting door handles in pubs and work :joy: then you need to reclean your hands


I’ve seen these a few places, absolutely genius.

No idea why they’ve never become more widespread.

Surely there could be a better design that that

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Gents, a question for you “both” brought to my attention by the mod team - how is it that you both have the same ip address?

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Maybe @GoonerBill1954 is @GreenLanesLoony father?

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That will be my son in law Craig who lives next door but uses my Virgin Media on WiFi through the wall!!

Is he causing trouble the lout?

Just reminding everyone not to be happy with a 4-0 win because we have an iffy ten minutes after half team.

Such a cheery soul!