The Randomly Nothing thread


A @Burgundy fave Adama, would not be surprised to see him end up getting a shot at a top club Victor Moses style. Always think he would make a good wing-back conversion.


What a guy Ray is… Living his best life and always has a pint in his hand :joy:


@shamrockgooner banning food based insults and nationality based insults is a slight on the great memory of one LondresTopo (our beloved, our shining light), and is so on a beautiful tradition created by a great forum curator, one @Luca_from_Italy, IMO.


So we would gauge each girl as a property on the Monopoly board. If she was fit and famous then she’s high property, worth a lot, possibly Bond Street or Mayfair.

Then there was a girl a lot of the lads had been with and she would be Old Kent Road.

It worked like this. If I slept with any girl and then any of the other lads slept with her afterwards, they would have to pay me “rent”: if she was Mayfair, they would have to pay me £100; for Old Kent Road it would be £14.





Let’s be real, who in their right mind is buying that?


Well I am intrigued after that Monopoly gold.

Of course not intrigued enough to waste my money


and why is he releasing a new one?! Whats happened since the 1st one that he needs to write a new book lol


Misogynist enjoys misogyny, who’d have thought it?


Man you are such a bore.
Next you will have a problem with ranking girls.


There’s a bit of a difference between discussing the relative attractiveness of girls and literally referring to them as if they are property and having to pay each other “rent”.

But you know, you think women are only useful for their vaginas, so I regret even bringing it up, because of course you won’t understand my objection to Pennant et al and their behaviour.


What a raging White Knight you are!
Girls do the same with guys.


Pay each other money if they sleep with people their female friends have slept with? Of course they don’t you fool

Forgive me if I don’t take you for some sort of expert on women.


You make it sound like they were pimping girls.
It’s just lad banter


No I don’t make it sound like they’re pimping at all, I’ve very accurately described what he says happened. I’ve not even used exaggerative language, I’ve used similar terms to those he used to describe his own behaviour. What bothers you so much about this?

And yeah, it is banter. Misogynistic banter. Not sure why you seem so bothered by me saying that and calling you one, you generally seem quite proud of it, you certainly did when you talked yourself into a ban. Plus we all know that you totally aren’t sensitive, easily offended, or bothered by people calling you names.

Still, glad I’m managing to engage you considering you find me such a bore :kissing_heart:




Wait what? There was a first?!


Well it says new autobiography?!


So going by Pennant’s logic of ‘Monopoly’ ranking, if he came across twins, were they the equilivent of the Water and Electric works, seeing as you need both? :sweat_smile:

And what about the train stations, that all have equal value? I’m possibly over thinking this…


So I guess Adam Johnson rolled and landed on go to jail.