The Randomly Nothing thread


Which player would most likely be the one to collect second place in a beauty contest? :giroud:


Not sure why you’ve used a Giroud emoji there. He’d obviously be in first place!


If Mario Gomez didn’t exist.


Mario Gomez looks like a hamster/1920s’ gangster


You may need to see about getting glasses, mate.


For some reason I thought you were @Calum :arteta:


I wanna know if any of his mates married someone he boned before they got married and that ended up being a lifetime revenue


Water works… Defo Neymar. :giroud3:


Nah, Calum would probably like Mario Gomez, what with his bad taste :wink:


That’s happened to me a few times now, the other day I was readying a fried snickers remark and had to quickly shift gears to fried rice.



Jack is an arsenal fan! nice haha @Electrifying @JakeyBoy


Of course best jack is a gooner.

Absolute legend.



The fucking don. You want some? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


The wealdstone raiders brother ‘you want some i’ll give it ya’


They need to do more of Coach Lasso, still cracks me up :smiley: @Persona


Anyone had anything from this range before? Pretty, pretty, prettttyyy good.


Yes! The meatballs al forno is :ok_hand:t3:


Awesome, picked that up today. Quite impressed really considering it’s a ready meal. Tasted better than some of the Indian food I’ve eaten from restaurans before!


Pilau rice? :joy::joy::joy::joy: