The Randomly Nothing thread


Hahaha I was gonna shoot you and the other London OAers a message soon about a cheeky meet up. As I said I’m on Fleet Street so I’m pretty easy.


Haha wtf :joy: guy is like a fountain

In a spolier tag cause its nsfw so it doesn’t embed


It’s some passed out drunk lad pissing. So no one else has to click it. Unless you want to of course. Work away if so.


@Sol top quality Nic Cage


Face/off is a fucking masterpiece.


Fourth favourite action film after Terminator, Terminator 2 and Die Hard.

When it comes to overblown, campy action films it is by far the best. Though I do have a soft spot for Con Air too.





To think some cunt got paid to put that together.


Talk about fucking reaching


Living for @mysty liking 6 month plus old posts haha. When ever I see an old thread bumped now I automatically think its you :wink:


The Kiki dance challenge…wtf is wrong with people?!!




Surprised you identify with such tweets Mr Independence :unai:


Can’t help if the guy uses the phrase haha. You English love using the phrase British :wink:


That’s because we value the concept of Britain!

Even if you contribute nothing to the Union aside from shortbread. You used to at least give us 40 odd Labour seats but you rabid leavers have ruined that too :stuck_out_tongue:


I know it was made absolutely yonks ago, but only just come across @Cristo 's opening post in the Arsenal vs Bournemouth match thread from last season , and my god, it’s an absolute masterpiece :joy: :joy: Look forward to more of the same this coming season my good man!


Hahahaha I’ll be working on it, don’t you worry!


This is what I mean, partially, by my hate of love island and the Kardashian’s and all that


Reading The Telegraph makes people cold hearted towards the poor.