The Randomly Nothing thread


I respect your opinion but that shit makes me vomit.


If I have to put up with the stench of alcohol, then you can put up with my OG Lemon Kush :slight_smile:


I don’t respect yours :stuck_out_tongue:


Garlic and onion, I can diet on that shit and die happy


Spain & Portugal can walk the streets drinking alcohol and nobody gives a flying fuck :joy:. I’m a non smoker but as a drinker I love that luxury.


This is basically true but occasionally you’ll run into your typical small-dicked fascist cop who just decides to hit you with a 600euro fine…never happened to me but it happened to a good friend and it’s enough to make me make at least a customary attempt at hiding the can behind my back when I pass them.


We were chased out of a square by police in Madrid drinking before.


Hahah Jesus I had some different experiences.


Another vote for keeping weed illegal here.

Nothing fucks me off more than being sat I the beer garden of a pub and some fuck lights that shit up and it stinks the place out. The smell gives me a headache that borders on a brain hemmorrhage. Why people think its ok to smoke that shit in public around other people and kids I’ve no idea. Smoke that shit in your stink box house.

Every drug causes problems, doesn’t mean we should make cocaine or heroin legal. I doubt anyone who puts a line of that shit up their nose thinks about the amount of people murdered by the cartels


If only we had a public place to go smoke, where we were away from people who didn’t like it.

I wonder what prevents that happening.

Yup, I remember now.

Ironically it’s the legal status which attracts the cartels, and promotes the violence. That’s what prohibition does. It creates a non-regulated illicit black market, which then gets controlled by organised criminals.


It depends where you are. They were probably in plaza mayor or some super touristic place where no non-drunk tourist is, or just being extremely overtly English. :grimacing: As a rule, yeah, you can effectively drink on the streets without issue.




How many unread threads did you have when you came back haha


Haha good question @Calum . In terms of new threads, I think it was like 140-150. And Unread was like 180 :gabriel:

I’m not sure I’m going to attempt to read them all lol, but just generally catch up with majority, extra handy it’s the off season so it makes it more doable to read stuff atm.


You left in August so you can relive the whole 2017/18 season in a few days :joy:


I’m not sure there’s any need for me to read much on last season, I suspect everyone ran out of giving any fucks by the end :sweat_smile: Plus the numerous meltdown Luca probably had.


Read the stuff from January though. The auba thread was quality!!


wtf :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Moving to London today! Packing up the car and driving up from Bath later today!



Thanks for the warning :grin: