The Randomly Nothing thread


I thought Bournemouth were top of the table at the start of the season nowadays? AFC Bournemouth…


Nah the PL don’t count “AFC” as part of the name


Actually going to read this


“Writing my new novel, will it be published?”

tap tap tap

“Computer says no”

Boom. 17 year old joke. :sunglasses:


Misses given a Mint plant today from her Lithuanian friend. House now stinks off puff…


Went on a date with really gorgeous chick.
Got drunk with just two glasses of wine.

I could see the respect flying off her eyes.
Got plenty of hugs though.

And you know what I don’t want to do anything about my low tolerance to alcohol. Saves me money.


Add some musclemass and become an absolute unit like me. Then you can drink like a russian without getting embarrassed ik front of your date.


I am just glad I didn’t fart in front of her. Been farting whole day


That is true to be fair, but might be worth building a little bit of tolerance if you’re going to occasionally drink on dates or special occasions. Nothing worse than getting too drunk and embarrassing yourself.

Years back I was getting off with someone in the hallway of my uni house and I suddenly stopped to throw up all over my carpet right in front of her. That was a bit of a low point :laughing:


if you are a ‘lightweight’ there literally might be something wrong with you, so ease up. I tell ya now if you you are struggling with alcohol after a couple of drinks then your body is telling you something. I reckon you are a poor methylator, maybe get yourself genetically tested because some people have problems with their detoxing pathways which means their body cannot handle alcohol properly and doesnt break it down so you will never truly get used to it unless you get your detox pathways running properly and that will take time. For now though if you feel yourself going funny with alcohol DO NOT push it, you could literally poison yourself to death. If you can only handle a couple of glasses in general if you have drank alcohol for a while and are ‘used’ to having alcohol but still cant drink much there are reasons why and your body is telling you directly you are not handling breaking down the ethanol in your system fast enough, very fast way to an early grave!


Very true. Asian’s (Koreans, Japanese, Chinese mainly) genetically have this issue and there has been documented evidence of them getting alcohol poisoning when they drink in excess especially when surrounded by Europeans and other culturally different crowds…

I had to take a friend called “Yi Wa” who was from Korea at Uni to hospital for this very reason and he nearly died…

Do take care.


I was once shagging a fresher (I was SU President ofc :wink:) and I was absolutely fucked and she was a pack a day smoker and halfway through shagging I start snogging her and the action of shagging combined with my stomach full of alcohol sloshing around my gut and her mouth tasting like a well used ashtray had me retching in no time. I sprang off her like a fucking startled cat, ran to the toilet and puked out the whole nights contents of stomach Hahahaha

Brushed my teeth and went back to finish what I started although she definitely was not pleased or impressed :joy:


I wasn’t drunk drunk. I was tipsy.
That said I have only drank a lot once to know if I can handle it. I was alright that day.


ffs :joy::joy::joy:


Huh? Why are ppl wetting themselves over that tweet lol? He looks alright


He looks like a big nosed greasy faced killer…


The OA community should trick the internet into thinking we have an ITK on here and see how far the BS goes. It’ll drive the traffic to the site up


Yeah no thanks, especially not the kind of traffic ITKs would drive


ffs :joy::joy::joy::joy: