The Randomly Nothing thread


Hah unlucky. Certainly made up for it with the 5-0? win over Porto. Super Nick with his only ever arsenal hattrick?


Yeah that was a strange night watching it all unfold, lucky enough to be 5 rows back in front of Nasri’s stellar goal.


At least you can say you were at the last round of 16 match we got through with Wenger in the CL :wink:

Even though he lasted another 8 years as manager :joy::joy::joy:


Yep and I was still well and truly Wenger in at that point in time :joy:


I can’t ever imagine you being a Wenger in Aussie haha


He actually had 2, the other was against Leyton Orient in the LC/FA Cup.


I thought he had another one but wasn’t 100%. Can remember us hammering them 5-0 or something at the Emirates in an FA Cup replay


Luca even liked this post.


But not this one…yet :grinning:


wonder what this would be like, i reckon it would be like adding vodka to it or something


Big Sol is such a hero :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


He’s so fucking weird :joy:


My man


I still can’t tell if he takes himself too seriously or does not take himself too seriously.


Sounds a bit half-baked to me…




Why even bother? :neutral_face:


People nowadays barely know what salad is ‘salad yuck i dont want that’ ‘sandwiches mmmmnnn might be nice’