The Randomly Nothing thread


yeah ngl I find their oversaturation at parties and shit so annoying.

Really the most basic band imo


One thing is certain. Whatever they release in 2019 is going to be terrible.


I hate all of you.


Joke’s on you, I already hate myself.


You gonna be a danching queen eh? :henry2:


Dood ABBA rocks! Only thing better than ABBA is Erasure covering ABBA, right @Persona? Us gay guys love that shit!!


You youngsters.:facepalm:



Again :grin::joy::grin::joy::grin::joy:


ffs :joy:


Holy fucking shit talk about a lapse in communication




False alarm. Just went to do some fact checking on reddit, turns out it’s staged. They’re just wannabe instagrammers trying to get meme famous. Booooooooooo!


Wasn’t it blindingly obvious?


I guess so haha


The girl put in a decent performance but for me anyway the guy’s reactions to it suggested staged almost instantly


Just upgraded my s6 to s9 and loving it!

When holding the s6 it looks and feels so wee now :joy::joy:


So today, after THIRTEEN FUCKING YEARS I finally was offered a silver when renewing my Arsenal membership. Snapped that straight up, and will hopefully be along to a lot more games next season :grin::grin::grin:


Can someone explain to me how everyone is laughing at this? I don’t get it :joy:


I read through the tweets (which you should have done you lazy bastard) and saw some explain it:

“The next implied Borat quote is “My Wiffeee””


Fuck off haha :joy: I read them for a good bit and still didn’t get it!