The Randomly Nothing thread


Close enough. Probably about 20 minute walk from me.

I find it funny that we all might walk past each other in the street and pay no attention :grin:


Looks like an OA Friday Afterwork Drinks do is on the cards!

Oh man we might even be able to watch the World Cup games together


Bloody Londoners :stuck_out_tongue:


I work just off Fleet Street, the fucking chances!

I bet I’ve brushed an OA member’s arse by accident on the tube as well. Central line is the fucking pits on the morning commute.

For real though, I’d be down for a meet up sometime next month.


Earliest I’ll be able to do is June/July since I haven’t moved yet


Go home, you are drunk.


Just have to hope you guys aren’t a bunch cunts irl :joy:


thats one way to get them all onside Cristo :speak_no_evil:


You’re good. I’m not going :heart_eyes:


Lmao probably.

Yes the Central Line is a cunt before 10. Sometimes come in late just to avoid the heathans.


So glad I don’t get a tube line like the Central line. Absolutely horrible in rush hour. South Eastern service in to London Bridge is far nicer, I always get a seat and get to walk across the river and look at Tower Bridge.


I get to work for 8am so I’m on the central line by 7:30 so it’s usually not really too bad. I get on from Stratford too so more times than not my journey to work is fine. I’m done by 4 so the tube is pretty quiet on the way home too.

Is the perks of flexible working. I’d never start at 9/10 I’d end up getting caught in the rush hour.


Tbh I get a Great Anglia from my ends to Liv St. Walk to Bank most the time.


Same. I get the train to work and then walk from Moorgate or Liverpool Street too.

I used to work off Oxford Street though… the queue each night just to get into Oxford Circus station… it had the power to ruin your entire day :see_no_evil:

I’m much more relaxed now I work by the river :sunglasses:


From Cambridge?




I’ve heard atrocious things about the Circle line.

Depending on where I live I’ll be getting off at Blackfriars or City Thameslink so hopefully should be able to avoid the Circle line.


I just feel sorry you all have to work in central London :eyes: Not my cup of tea, give me the provinces any day


You’d have to pay me a lot of money to work in that shithole :slight_smile:


Best of both worlds Robin. Views of the river and Tower Bridge from my office… But in the middle of nowhere at home. On my walk to the train station, I go through a field of cows :smile:

I’m starting to work from home more now though… I thought it was good to get some practice in before the World Cup :sunglasses: