The R.I.P thread


RIP Art Bell, you crazy bastard


Art Bell, eh? Did some galactic alien spirit form swoop him up? I used to listen to his shows when I was on night shifts. Crazy bastard is right.




RIP Dale.


I think R Lee Ermy was an actual drill instructor which is why that famous scene worked so well.

and RIP Dale Winton, it’s a really weird feeling for people of my generation when a lot of your 90s TV staple hosts are no longer with us (bob holness, William g stewart, Richard whiteley, Cilla Black etc) albeit Dale was much younger than those so this is probably something different


Sounds like Dale Winton checked out


Get your coat!


Avicii is dead :open_mouth: WTFFFF


28! He was one year too late.

But seriously, that’s awful. I mean, it’s awful when anyone dies, but at that age. Bloody hell.




What the fuck was he doing in Oman of all places?

Looks like the excessive drinking did him in in the long run.


At least we’ll never have to tolerate his music again


I liked a couple of his songs… :upside_down_face:



Harsh man. He was a great producer and experimented with different genres in his productions. 28’s no age. RIP


Of course it’s harsh, it’s a bad taste joke about someone’s death on the internet.


What’d he die from?


I’ve literally never seen those letters in that order before never mind know who the guy is. Could have been mourning the death of a rhino for all I knew.

That’s a comment on my own ignorance of today’s music and nothing else.




rip Verne Troyer


Henri Michel passed away today at 70. Twice manager of Morocco and many other African nations as well as France in the 80s.