The R.I.P thread


Stephen Hawking was born January 8, 1942, on the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death. He died today, March 14th, on the anniversary of Einstein’s birth.

Oh, and it’s Pi Day too.


Rip to hawkin

An another great lose to jim Bowen :cry:
Bullseye host and 80s TV star Jim Bowen dies aged 80


RIP Ken Dodd and Jim Bowen.
Two brilliant comedians in their own styles .


Oh no. Not Jim Bowen :disappointed:


Jim Bowen was the second of two celebrity deaths in one day .
Non dart player
Stephen Hawking went first .


Have to say I’m a bit surprised that Stephen Hawking wasn’t knighted. Maybe he refused, or something?



He turned it down about 10 years ago out of principle. It was something to do with the lack of Government funding for the sciences.


Sad news. RIP Ray


RIP :cry:


Sad he didn’t make it :disappointed_relieved:



Didn’t sound hopeful at all from as soon as he went in.

Always annoyingly good given his allegiences. RIP


RIP. Gonna be weird not seeing him on the telly.


Noooo! Terrible news! R.I.P. Ray :frowning:


RIP. Absolutely hated his commentary and punditry but much respect for his status in the game and contribution to English football.



Absolutely all of this. RIP Ray.


Was always a class act. And he’s the spitting image of my best mate. R.I.P. Ray.


Not to sound callous–but then no one who knew Ray in the slightest is reading, so fuck it–but what exactly was his contribution to English football?

Might or might not be a class act, I’m not really immersed into British culture enough to know, but I would probably venture to say that his contribution to English football would incline more toward being part of the problem than the opposite.

(I guess maybe talking about his playing career?)


Eric Bristow :disappointed:

Only 60.

First Jim Bowen, now this.

He’s probably up there, in that darting Valhalla that Sid Waddell used to speak of, smiling down on us.


Rip Bristow

Ramsey strikes again