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That’s sad, he articulated the issues that many people have with mental health and mental distress very well, must have taken a lot to come out and talk like that in public. A lot of people - the interviewer included- seem to not understand that while these issues may seem small in nature it’s not about the issue themselves, they ignite the turmoil that can lead a self aware, intelligent, individual down a rabbit hole that can be very hard to get out from. It sounds as though he’s been going through these mental problems for a long time and was actually able to step back and look at them objectively in times of wellness, unfortunately, it just seems that one instance became so debilitating that he felt there was no way back.


I think the worst part is that you are able to step back, look objectively at these issues in your head, rationalise as something that shouldn’t control you or play such a big part in your life and then yet it still does.

It’s been an issue for me before, and objectively I know I live a blessed life with family and friends who support me but all it takes is one shitty circumstance or set-back for it to spiral into a bad depression that can last days or act as a looming cloud that just dampens my mood for weeks.

I imagine that’s what happened to Chester. He could have gotten everything under control and been quite happy, but then something negative and shitty happens which makes him spiral and then all of a sudden he’s lost control in the spiral and he gets to the point where suicide seems like the only viable option. Given another few days he might have gotten out of it. You don’t make it to 41 with depression like that without surviving the low points and getting back up again. I think that’s what has stopped me from doing anything drastic is that when I get really low, I know that after a few days or weeks it gets better but it can be a real slog and you do feel emotionally drained in a way that leaves you physically exhausted. I guess the poor guy just hit a trough so deep this time he couldn’t see the surface.


RIP Little Gooner. x


RIP Charlie, tragic but inevitable.


You are giving him wayyyyy too much credit. I actually liked Gangs of New York, but aside from that he hasn’t made a good film since the 70s (or 1980). There’s loads of directors more meaningful and better than Scorcese. To call him a genius and one of the finest directors in cinema is to massively overstate his importance as a director/artist.

I feel like you haven’t really understood Sopranos too well. It’s subverting the Italian American mob genre much more than anything.

Twin Peaks = The Sopranos = The Wire > Mad Men > Utopia, Happy Valley, The Honourable Women, The Thin Red Line, Line of Duty, Big Little Lies, etc. etc.

True Detective was extremely promising after 5 or 6 episodes but showed itself to be a series that looked good but had no plan and nothing interesting to say or offer, it was just extremely well ambienced for a few epidoes but proved itself to be the work of limited creators. Definitely doesn’t deserve to be in there.


R.I.P. angel :frowning:


You’re entitled to your opinion. It’s wrong, but you’re entitled to it. Scorcese is one of the finest and will only truely be appreciated once he dies. But yeh, I understood The Sopranos just fine, it’s nuanced at times but not the exactly the highest degree of cerebral television out there.

Anyway I think this discussion has ran it’s course, like I said the other day it’s a matter of preference.


That’s simply not true. The Departed was an incredible film, and Wolf as well as Shutter Island were excellent films. And you’re forgetting Casino and Goodfellas too.


I rate Scorsese very highly. He will rightly be remembered as a true giant when he dies. But I honestly can’t stand Goodfellas. It’s only saved by a once-in-a-lifetime performance by Pesci.


I really, really enjoyed the Departed, but at times it was basically Scorsese and Nicholson verging on self-parody and pastiche. I honestly just think it was enjoyable nonsense with some big performances by a stellar cast (probably my favourite Mark Wahlberg performance save Boogie Nights).

Wolf of Wall Street was overly long self indulgent and I thought the twist (that’s what it was seemingly meant to be) in Shutter Island was about the most obvious thing ever.

I think they’re all pretty good films but I don’t think any of them are truly brilliant tbh.

Just my opinion though, not saying you’re wrong at all :slightly_smiling_face: just like trading opinions on films, despite not considering myself a film buff in the vein of @Persona

I do still think Scorsese is one of the greats without a doubt, there’s no shame in not being able to hit the earlier heights of his career like Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and to a much lesser extent Casino, when you’re still making good, enjoyable films as he generally does.


:cry: :cry:

RIP Sir Bruce. Absolute Legend


RIP Brucey.


75 years in showbiz, isn’t that just incredible :open_mouth: National treasure for sure


a true legend, RIP Brucey


Never heard of him, RIP


Nice to see you. To see you nice.


If you like the Departed you should watch the film it is a remake of, internal affairs. It’s just as good, but imo with a better ending.


Suprised nobody has mentioned Hugh Hefner died today…RIP!


He was very stiff when he died…