The R.I.P thread



Nobody will say that he went to a better place


Apparently he bought the burial plot next to Marilyn Monroe


RIP. Keep your masts at half stiffness tonight!


RIP Tom Petty and of course to all those lost in the latest senseless attack in Las Vegas


This is late but I thought it was funny…


RIP Tom Petty , hope you managed one last dance with Mary Jane


Has Tom Petty’s death been confirmed? Latest reports say that announcement was premature.


Seen Tom Petty perform at Hyde Park this year in the summer. Him and his band were in great form. The whole epitome of rock n roll was wrapped up in this man.
Great musician and song writer who is a massive loss. His music though will continue to inspire future musicians of that there is no doubt.


He wasn’t dead when it was announced, which lead to his daughter shitting all over Rolling Stone for saying he was dead, while he was still fighting to live.

But it’s since been confirmed by his daughter and long time manager, and his website has an obituary on the front page.


wow what a terrible way to go :frowning: RIP poor fellow


Sean Hughes the irish comedian has died at 51. Cant get my head round this. Really funny guy.


Seems so bloody young too.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks was at its best with him and Mark Lamarr on the line up, as much as I like Bill Bailey.


RIP Abubakari Yakubu! :pensive:


So sad :frowning:


That’s awful. :frowning: RIP x


RIP my musical idol and thanks for all influence you’ve had in my composing. Legend, we salute you!


He was like the mastermind behind that band. So bummed i never saw the full ensemble :disappointed_relieved: There is not a band that sounds more rock and roll in the world. Rip.


I’ve always rated them as #1. Bought my first AC/DC albums in 1991, roughly the same time I started playing electric guitar. I was hooked ever since!
I never thought I would get to see them live but finally got the chance in 2009. I said years before that if I only got to see them once I could die happy. If lightning had struck down on me after that magical summer night in June I would have left this life with a huge smile on my face!

In Malcolm’s own words “if you don’t like it…there’s something wrong with you” :metal:t2:


Thats awesome i was always a semi fan until a couple years ago when my 1 year old got obsessed with their music and wanted to watch the live in Argentina dvd like over and over again lol. Then I realized jist hiw amazing they were #1 in my eyes too. My son asks for “fell” which is Let There be Rock, obviously because angus drops to the ground and plays guitar while spinning around on his back lol. My son also mimics angus in The Jack…if u know his routine in that