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Be waiting 6 hours for ambulance then. Not.

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If they don’t yet, they’re about to…

Sounds like the Queen might be on the way out.

Should put some money on Ramsey to score his next match.

:joy: :joy: fucking savage

I’m not a monarchist but I like Queen Elizabeth and I think she’s been about as good a sovereign as any can be


She’s better than what comes next. Charles and Camilla :expressionless:

This is a super interesting article

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A pity that Ramsey’s hamstrings are made of string. He’s out for 3 weeks

It’s only a pity if you want her dead, you scumbag


I understand why people have warm feelings towards her but idk…something about the whole monarchy, the wealth, the privilege, it just idk. Not for me, Clive.

And before anyone @ me to say “Oh Americans love that shit” yeah, a lot of people do because people love to dream about being fabulously wealthy.


Logged onto BBC news to see what the news about energy bills was and was confronted with the idea I might be remotely as concerned about the health of the monarch.

I don’t dislike her, but a story that her doctors are “concerned” isn’t really as big a deal as what’s going to happen with millions of people unable to afford to live this winter.

I’m glad I uninstalled the bbc news app though. I’d probably be getting hourly notifications about her blood pressure at the moment.


Nicholas Witchell already trending @Stroller

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BBC One suspended all regular programmes apparently. It’s definitely happening.

How long do we get off work then? Anyone aware of the protocol? @Stroller you were about when the last monarch died right?


Do we have street parties?

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All your answers here Jakey

Edit: for what it’s worth, it’s definitely happening. People working on Operation London Bridge have been called back from holiday

CBA to read, just tell me please lol


I literally can’t because there’s so much that goes on haha

But if we’re lucky we’ll get one day, we would have gotten more but the jubilee fucked us with the two days we got there

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There we go, all I wanted to know was about the days off, thanks mate. A paltry one day off would be a fucking disgrace. Put some respect on the monarchy smh, I’ve always said that.

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