The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


In UFC is there anyone who has run up the side of the cage and lept off and connected with a badass king gu style kick to the face? I wanna see that shit if so


(wouldn’t have remembered this only I saw it in the build up last night)


Now that’s what I was looking for. Pow


Unique build up, special fight week and a crazy, crazy night.

Had to secure the tee


Shock horror…Thugs inside the ring, act like thugs outside the ring…….Wow, who would believe that………………………………………LOLOLOL


Conor talks a lot of shit for a guy who’s lost 3 of his last 5 fights lol


I consider ferguson the 2nd best at lw, very underrated.

I hope he can finally fight against khabib.

Or if what i read on Twitter is true about GSP wanting to fight khabib, he is definitely the one that can beat khabib.

Khabib VS Floyd makes no se se, specially for 9 figures as Floyd said.



Odd move, wonder what kind of $$$ he’ll be making.


Good move. Makes everyone fight his sport, not theirs, and rakes in the easy $$$.


I’m sure McGregor made more than he would have for any MMA-fight. This might be the case for this kid too. It could very well be win-win.


Well that was quick lol


So connor wants cerrone and khabib wants floyd.

Cerrone is a skillful fighter but way too inconsistent.

Cucuy ferguson been overlooked again, the only guy i see been capable to beat khabib and beat the crap out of conor again.


Cowboy looked really good in his last fight. He’s changed it up since going to Peru to do Ayahuasca with some shamans :slight_smile:


lol what a guy hahah


looks like he has been pumped up with a car tyre air pump.


Is he going to fight MMA, in the UFC? the new opponent of Lesnar(in the WWE maybe haha)?


I read he is going to fight Martin Ford (another very impressive looking animal). But it was probably just paper talk.


I bet I have better cardio than that guy.


Yeah, I don’t see how someone of that Build is going to be mobile enough for UFC.