The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Chris Paul is all smiles ATM, shame he wasn’t fit when the Rockets really needed him in Game 7 of the 2018 WCF.


It’s a bit weird how Houston thought that exchanging the perfect role player for todays NBA for Carmelo Anthony was a good idea and would maintain their level. Obviously the League also caught up with them and they had their injuries but still.


Houston got back to last season basics and are now on a 4-game win streak and 7-3 in the last ten games. I’m not sure doing the same without Ariza is going to work against Golden State.

Denver also 1-5 in the last six games. Their record is more representative of what they are but I think this is a litte bit worrying.

The West could have like eleven teams with over .500 records. Insane.


Memphis is boring. Yet this is their fastest pace in franchise history. I didn’t follow the nba in the 90s and early 00s, but I’m not really surprised all the rules changes happened.


It will only be for a day so why not ?


Golden state have slumped from 10-1 to 12-7 in this patch without Curry & Green, ultimately it won’t matter but it shows what a couple of injuries can do.


Don’t think the Blazers are a 2nd seed @Arsenal4thetreble, combined total of 71 point losses over the last 2 games :dizzy_face:.


You can’t put too much stock into stuff like this. The NBA is a loooong season and teams go through their stretches of low energy. Most NBA teams hate traveling to Minnesota because it’s cold and miserable there, most of the time they are just thinking about leaving and not the game :joy::joy:

I think Portland are great, Lillard and Mcollum are really good players. The issue is once the playoffs come around the refs let the teams be a hell of a lot more physical and that usually hurts the game of smaller players. In the history of the NBA, teams lead by smaller players hardly ever win the title for that reason. It wasn’t even easy for GSW until they got KD.


Watched Clippers vs. Memphis yesterday. Gallinari was great.


Quality player, hasn’t had much luck with injury, glad to see him healthy.


I love it how the Raptors had the balls to trade out an all star guard for Kawhi Leonard even if it’s only a 1 year rental, guy is a top 5 player in the league and an absolute game changer.


Huh, Bulls fired Hoiberg.


Surprising as I thought they were in tank mode anyways.


I’m not sure they really are…Lavine and Parker got a lot of money in the summer. They added Carter. I’m not sure 5-19 is what they were hoping for.


Stop tryin for Zion!


Riggin for Wiggins never really worked out, so I wonder if stop tryin for Zion will ?


Zion Williamson is the next Lebron, so yeh I think it will. Every 15 - 20 years or so there’s that guy that should be in the NBA even tho he’s only an 18 year old kid. Zion is one of them.


Yeah the kid is legit and his size is amazing, he won’t be LeBron in all facets though as he doesn’t have the passing abilities and vision of LeBron or anywhere near it. LeBron averages 7 assists a game throughout his career which is astounding for a forward.


Tanking works. It got them Jimmy Butler, even though that didn’t really work out in the end. Unless you’re Orlando, Charlotte and Sacramento. Although that also seems to change if this start of theirs is for real.


Majority of the NBA regular season is basically unwatchable. Hate tanking