But we could say the same about any minor ailment, couldn’t we? Sod’s law, a community pharmacist refers a tummy ache to a GP, he/she is gonna get a flea in their ear from the GP along the lines of “why the fuck couldn’t you deal with this yourself?”

Headaches, backache (I mention this because this was a CPCS referral to a pharmacist who treated it and wasn’t able to tell it was cancerous) and indigestion can all be confused for something more serious underlying. An independent prescribing pharmacist would have the tools and time to investigate and diagnose this properly.

Anyway, I’ll draw a line under this one as we probably won’t see eye-to-eye.

They may be supplementary nurse prescribers (who can only prescribe when restricted to a nurse formulary), non-prescribers or extended independent nurse prescribers (who, in theory, can prescribe anything)

(Wrong thread but Richarlison has just scored a worldie. Bastard)


Exactly. And that’s why it should be GPs, who then refer if needed to hospital or clinics that see this.

There are many zebras that appear to be horses, hidden serious badness in things that appear benign at first.

And I would hope a GP wouldn’t say that - because they will complain hospital docs say the same about them.

And that’s okay imo

Hope you dont mean the Richarlison bit

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Need a Saka masterclass tomorrow. The thought of Spurs players outscoring Arsenal players at the WC is distressing.

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That’s it. Pulling the ladder up.

Same in the NHS. Boomer nurses, doctors telling the staff not to strike having got their damehoods and OBEs for standing by and letting the Tories destroy the NHS

Awful people.

I agree with this.

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What the hell? I’m a bigger USA fan than you tomorrow, seemingly


The supplementary prescriber thing haha.

Midwives being able to give paracetamol etc. That’s ok.

Tbh many times these guys won’t want to prescribe the spicy stuff anyways and get the doctor to do it, so not much time is getting saved.

But yeah I’m happy to draw a line under it.

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I meant that only half seriously. I’d love it if the USA played well but I think the team has serious flaws. Their best shot against England is trying to soak up pressure and then go vertical really fast but they only have one guy who can truly do that (Tim Weah). I’m definitely a club over country guy though until the USSF cleans up their act.

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That’s private healthcare, and it already exists in the UK.

Wait until you see how much they charge :slight_smile:

edit - actually not as bad as I thought, around £350 for a CT scan

@Electrifying I read NHS nurses are going on strike now. Health Secretary supposedly refuses to open negotiations whilst saying “Our priority is keeping patients safe". Your thoughts?

Reminds me of footballers going on about how bad this WC is whilst going there anyway lol I guess football is politics in the sense that it’s about saying a bunch of shit whilst doing absolutely nothing about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Politicians don’t care about patient safety, if they did we would never be where we are.

Now, newsnight about to mud the Birmingham trust. Sounds horrible there, glad there is media attention. Hope the CEO catches heat.


That’s Sandwell, isn’t it? Could be mistaken…

Good on RCN rejecting the pitiful pay offer there.

Scottish government can fuck off with that shit. Pretending they’re not pretty much the same as Westminster.

Unison and GMB that accepted - poor show.


This Gov need to rinsed of every penny. These cunts were doing dodgy PPE contracts pocketing millions from that and vaccine deals, only for billions of pounds to be wasted. Whilst emergency services worked 16 hour shifts. Seriously shit on them all.


That’s precisely the issue. The government seemed to have ample amounts of money to waste on so much fucking shit over the years but “can’t afford” reasonable pay rises after YEARS of public sector pay freezes.


You guys do realise the government doesn’t make money right….

It’s either just printed or we are just taxed more.

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A lot of other healthcare professional bodies are potentially missing a trick here by not striking concurrently.