The Next Statue?


For me David blotted his copy book a bit by various comments as he made about us during his career as a manager ,and they way he behaved when Leeds beat us in 1999 at Elland Road which effectively killed off our League Title hopes !


Sir Henry Norris.


Already got a bust.


Girouds scorpion kick?


Giroud’s celebration*


GG didn’t blot his copy book by taking a bribe And then going on to manage the scum?


And that relates to David O’Leary in what way Kaner old son,I’m struggling here help me out ?

Ah OK Ive scrolled through the thread excuse me for not remembering shit from last year !

Let me explain a bit about Mr George Graham .

He took the fall for the BUNGS scandal which came about largely because of the faxe Jensen transfer .
Things is there was more than 1 person involved in the shenaniggans .
And whilst a lot of people dont get it the taking of Bungs hurt only 1 person and thats HMRC.
Shockingly these inflated transfer and kickback schemes continued long after GG left , Berkamp,Francis Jeffers,Richard Wright deals all had the same Hallmark .
We paid 7.5 million for Berkamp who was available for 4.5 million from Inter ,go figure !

I forgive him going to Spurs because he was mad at Dein for stiching him up financially !


If O’Leary “blotted his copy book” managing Leeds as you said then how did GG not “blot his copy book” by taking a bribe while in charge then going on to manage spurs??


George Graham is an Arsenal man.
He won the League and FA Cup double as a player, as well as a European trophy and won even more as our manager.

He might have taken a bung, but so were a lot of managers, he didn’t steal from the club or the supporters.

Look at footballers in this era.
Messi, and plenty of other players, fiddling millions in tax, even though can well afford to pay for it, Graham was earning a few hundred a week when he became our manager.

As for managing spurs, so what?
They were a big London team, and they offered him a job, what’s wrong with that.
He is still an Arsenal legend, as player and manager.


Highest Apps…probably never will be beaten…However Pat Rice for overall longest contribution is a good shout too.


A statue to celebrate his time as player or assistant?

I like this option.


Rocky… Sir Henry Norris. A group statue of the first double winners…


I’m right there with you on that one IDB10
Graham will always be my greatest Arsenal manager.


Wrighty and Mr. Pigden the embrace. Hello Ian.


Danny Welbeck.

He broke a leg after all, wouldn’t be human not to.


Gotta be Rocky for me and then maybe a group one of all our managers - representing the Arsenal ethos over the years. Imagine all the managers together in a group as if they all lived at the same time - going out for the night :rofl: