The Next Statue?

I haven’t heard anything about whether or not there will even be one or not but who would be you pick for the next statue to be placed around the stadium?

Personally I’d go with Ian Wright. Only one person in 130 years has scored more goals in an Arsenal shirt and I’d love to see that achievement recognised by the club in the same way we’ve recognised the achievements of those who already have a statue.

I think we can take it as a given that Wenger will get one but also that it won’t happen while he’s at the club or probably.

With that caveat who would you pick?

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Seeing as he was such a statue on the pitch, this guy…



Perez or Giroud?

They’re kinda getting used to being left out in the cold.

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Eboue doing frog jump.

But I think there is no great single candidate.
Either squad of 89 or squad of 04.

Ozil might have one in future.

Ian Wright, no fancy pose. Just Ian Wright happy as fuck stading on the remains of his enemies.


Wright definitely to get one since he’s 4th on the top 50 ever list after Henry, Bergkamp and Adams who all have one and he’s never tainted his status as an Arsenal legend, but he’s another striker so I don’t know if he should be the next one.

My pick would be Seaman who is as much of a legend as anyone, arguably the best ever in his position for Arsenal, a significant part of the Wenger era but also the era before so everyone knows him.

Surprised nobody has mentioned Wenger? and as everyone else has mentioned Ian Wright definitely deserves one.

Seriously: Arsène Wenger, including the trophy

Joking like the others: Shava, a type of statue like the Little Mermaid in Copenaghen

Of course Wenger gets one but he won’t get one while at the club.

Özil or Alexis

Eboue dancing

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How about Stanley Kroenke? Wiggy himself.

Of course, he might feel a bit put out now he’s £3m worse off. What a W :anchor:

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I always have wondered why did Big Sol do a naked photoshoot? :joy:

I see what you done there :hugging: Dats clever.

sol blotted his copybook by walking out of the ground at half time against west ham and never apologising . for me its George Graham ,frank mc lintock Viera and then Wrighty .

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I dont think Sol was a serious suggestion to be honest but i gotta say managing spurs seems like a bigger blot than what he did in any case. Certainly not arguing against Graham getting a statue mind, though we know they’ll never give him one in reality.

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I forgave Graham ,he was bitter he took the fall for us then got stiched up I think. He is still my Hero !