The Liberal Democrats

Surprised they don’t have a thread

Jo Swinson at it again. Come in guys, surely you had better people to take charge?!

Chuka would have been better ffs.

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She does support the NCV. She simply thinks Tories would rather vote for Boris, than Corbyn. Even if that does mean a no-deal.

I think she has a point.

I don’t think a no confidence vote would pass tbh, but it’s the only possible (and yet still highly unlikely) route to preventing a no deal brexit. Ruling out supporting a no confidence motion and short-term Corbyn government is effectively signing up to no deal.

Albeit I’ve seen no deal as inevitable since the WA was rejected by parliament, so all this posturing from Labour/Lib Dems now makes me laugh

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It could pass, but not with Corbyn.

The conservatives would not vote on it, maybe some rebels but a majority of the party would vote for boris.

Also so jo Swinson who said if she lost a leave vote again, she wouldn’t honour it; that’s a vile politician who ignore the so called people she represents.


You know things are bad when a train is sponsored by Morrisons


Someone go to Billingham Town and tell me the area doesn’t need investment.

Fish hook theory being proven right again.

Under dumbass Jo Swinson, Lib Dems recruiting Cameron-era Tories at double time.

God, she is so shit. Fuck off Swinson.


The liberal undemocrats

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Bet it took you ages to come up with that one :clap:


I was wanting for one of my fans to cheer for me :sunglasses:

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M8 you’re gonna love this.

Lib Dems :face_vomiting:

Oh my that party is a joke.

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Finally, something political we can agree on :grin:


One of the most damaging things that could result from Brexit is the re-emergence of the Lib Dems as any kind of significant party. Utterly devoid of any principle at all, they’d say anything they thought would get them elected. If they thought no deal would curry favour that’s the line they’d be peddling now. Completely unworthy of public trust, something they proved time and time again in coalition, their only response to which appears to be to point at the Tories and whinge that it was all them.

The above example of Swinson’s willingness to say whatever the flavour of the moment happens to be is a perfect illustration.


Dirty stinking rat cunts





Vile rats.

Away back to the hole you were in, fuckfaces. And take Swinson with you

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And the result at the last election