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You’ll forgive me for thinking that the Jewish community know what’s best for them and not anyone outside of it. There are definitely people who are disingenuous when it comes to making accusations of antisemitism but I just don’t think saying “well it’s less bigoted on the left than the right” is a good enough argument to take the hardcore pragmatic approach.

I think we agree on the desired outcome but disagree on the tactics. No harm in that. If you are involved in Labour politics I’d encourage you to seek out Jewish members in your area. Listen to their concerns, even if you disagree with them re: Israel or whatever. Just listening, without immediately dismissing or interrupting to ask how they feel about Ahed Tamimi (for example), is important. It meant so much to me when people listened about my concerns.


Yes, superb assessment, though I think the mural was clumsy with its imagery rather than pointedly anti-semitic, Corbyn was right to show support with budding artists , I don’t think he considered the message within.

The same can be said of Corbyn on most issues (Brexit being the biggest), we need someone with a bit more fight in him or her, it’s the only way to beat those horrid, racist, myopic, Tories.


The Jewish community - which is really a plurality of communities surely? - does indeed have sole ownership of it’s own concerns and interests, but that doesn’t mean that its assessment of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party is correct. I’ve yet to see any evidence of it being on the increase since Corbyn took charge. That doesn’t mean don’t be concerned about it’s existence, but it does beg the question - why now? You don’t need to answer that particularly or our discussion is going to get very repetitive and circular haha.

Unlikely to happen now; I’m far too busy, but I surely would if I had the chance. Believe it or not I’m always open to being wrong. I’m no hardliner in my personal dealings with people.

What would you have him say about Brexit?

Also I find it astonishing that people say Corbyn lacks fight when after two coups, ceaseless media attack, Brexit, the anti-Semitism row, he’s still leading a party and ahead in the polls. Seems to be like he’s played a blinder thus far.


Guess it’s not enough for his haters (right-wing party/blairite cunts).


Good points. I know he’s shown amazing strength holding on to his leadership (I voted for him twice) and I hope you’re right about playing a blinder. But I really want some of that barnstorming challenge to Brexit, I hope it’s coming but it’s been frustrating waiting for it.



So those Munich terrorists ey. Top bunch of guys.


I do love how Corbyn is always under the spotlight, while the fat drunk fucker can say what he wants and no one cares.



He was in the newspaper again for laying wreath down in 2014. This time saying he was honoring the torrerist when they not even buried there :man_facepalming:t5:. So the usual stuff is being touted out


Yep, the story is a nonsense again. Absolutely nothing going on there.


The source: The Tory Mail.

Move on.


Shocked to see this on the BBC


I watched this. Though basic responses were given by Derbyshire, like you would expect any journalist to do, I was amazing these two people were even wheeled on. Like they were asked in what way do you see antisemitism on the increase, the unchallenged response was - because children can get bullied. How this equates journalism is beyond me. It’s beyond a joke.


100% agree. Was like watching an interview with with a extremist group like BNP or Isis where reason and logic are out the window. Don’t think the Jewish community did themselves any favour sending these two on to represent them.


Trust me, there’s no such thing as anyone “representing” the Jewish community. We don’t have any centralized authority like Catholicism. It leaves us vulnerable to idiots saying things on TV and people assuming it represents all of us.


Interesting idea…


Easy geezer.


Sounds like he makes a lot of good points.

But I came here to talk about Frank Fields. I love (read: hate) how his resignation letter is being taken at face, even by sources like the Guardian (I shouldn’t be surprised as they’ve shown their colours since Corbyn got elected).

The cunt is basically about to be deselected for voting with the Tories on a vote that they very feasibly could have lost, thus trigging a general election, but he’s jumping before he is pushed and framing it as being about antisemitism. Whatever your view on the antisemitism issue on the left, to blatantly lie about that being your main motivation for quitting is frankly insulting to the very real issue of antisemitism and the people bearing the brunt of it. It cheapens the issue and is genuinely disgraceful imo.

I’m not saying that he isn’t at all concerned by antisemitism, but anyone who swallows his quitting story whole is a fucking idiot. Its almost, but not quite, as shameful as Hodge evoking how Jews must have felt in 1930s Germany when describing how she felt when she realised she was being pulled up on disciplinary charges.

Whatever his motivations, he literally refers to Thatcher as being a hero of his. Sorry but I don’t care for your rationale, if you think Thatcher is a hero then you’re too fucking right wing for Labour and you should just fuck off elsewhere. I can’t see any way in which you can openly consider her to be your hero and think you belong in the Labour movement. I’m not a massive fan of calling Labour MPs or members Red Tories, but that’s exactly how I regard this guy.

Literally fuck off and form a centrist party and see where that gets you.

I’m not a big fan of Owen Jones by any stretch, but he totally dismantled Frank Fields and his resignation letter


Yeah I pretty much agree with everything in your post. It definitely seems like an opportunistic moment for him to jump ship. I’ve never been a massive fan of his anyway, he also seems to spout a lot of rubbish when I’ve seen him in interviews.

I read this article earlier on about his resignation:

It pretty much follows the line of argument by Owen Jones, but also critics Corbyn and the leadership for their handling of recent events.