The Labour Party

Didn’t get a notification from you, so didn’t take it as a reply to me :+1:

Was more about being fair and saying I’d be willing to give credit where due, given I have an obvious natural bias against Starmer and his crew.

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What specifically was nonsense?

They spent their campaign appealing to centrists and right wingers and their manifesto outlined a pledge to stick to Tory fiscal rules, as confirmed by the IFS’s analysis of their manifesto. When that is the case, the discourse will naturally focus on how Labour aren’t very left wing nor radical in their plans.

The discourse was directly informed by the things Labour and Starmer said and pledged to do (or pledged not to do)

To be honest I don’t think they are or will be doing anything special.

But what they will show is how bad and shit the previous government of drunkards and idiots was.

For example the junior doctors strikes.

All Streeting did was treat the Junior doctors with respect and say ‘fair enough I see why you’re mad’

The previous government basically just told them to fuck off repeatedly, told them they are a disgrace and said ‘Daddy Rishi and Daddy Cunt won’t let me negotiate with you! What will the Daily Mail say! We have to say no to unions!’ And other stupid things.

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Well that’s fair enough, can’t disagree with you there.

I am on board with the “finally the adults are back in charge” rhetoric, I juat think many are taking it too far at this stage and giving undue credit.

Literally seen people giving massive praise for them cancelling the Rwanda scheme, when deciding not to go ahead with the previous governments most boneheaded, useless plans is literally the very bare minimum you should expect.

Still, I should accept that this is most just a result of understandable euphoria about the Tories being gone, which is something I can get on board with. I’m sure with time that’ll fie down and people will stop getting quite so excited when Labour does the bare minimum.

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The honeymoon period was always going to be a little cringe.

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Yeah I think the bar has just been set so low lol

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I think he wins both categories. :grinning:


This alcoholic deadbeat is exactly who u have in mind when I was saying that


I was speaking more generally about KS detractors who suggested he didn’t have any real policy position and that his ministry would resemble the Tories

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Not smart tbh. Need it to set up the wealth fund

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Would have won if Jezza was running the show

even all the labour haters are jizzing lol.

just 1 week in office.

This is what it’s like having adults in charge.

Country first, party second!


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Lammy is such a little bitch bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.

He will be faced with his decisions just like every other evil enabler

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Very bad policy

Vaughan Gething resigns.

Lasted 4 months.

Labour is gonna have a serious job on its hands trying to work with the incoming Trump administration :joy:


Starmer: ‘No problem, I’ll charm him’

‘President Trump, my dad’s a toolmaker’


Even with a Tory government that was more ideologically aligned with him, I struggle to think of a way Trump’s presidency directly influenced my life. Unless he actually blows up the world I don’t think it will mean anything this time either.