The Hip-Hop Thread


Lol, just seen this posted on another forum and was dying :joy::joy::rofl:

Friend took aux cable at a party and put on some Real Hip Hop, got us kicked out

Idk what the artist was, but he cut off Exchange by tiller, played some 60 year old rapper idk who but he was so hyped cause of the bars, but nobody was feeling it, myself included. I walked away, they came and kicked him out then he said “yo Deech they’re kicking me out man where to next” and ofc they came to kick me out too. This guy ain’t my friend anymore, ain’t no time for that shit




Been listening to this album again for the past three days. Think these are a collection of RZA’s best beats, Lone Wolf and Cub samples are amazing and fit the whole mood of this album. Going to switch it up and listen to OB4QL tomorrow now :smile:


Any cool music that I can set as ringtone?


Yeah loads, check the thread



His 8th


Just listened to The Brown Tape by Ghostface Killah front to back in the gym. And wow these beats are so much better than twelve reasons to die.


Royce bodies the Magnolia beat

And Mask Off






This soundtrack is gonna be

Side note. I might have asked you this before, but whats your Kendrick album rating?


Was thinking of mine the other day.

  1. GKMC
  2. DAMN.
  3. S80
  4. TPAB

this is him rating his own, surprised how close mine was to his tbh.

  1. DAMN
  2. TPAB
  3. GKMC
  4. S80

Guess I have to pick DAMN because of replay value, TPAB too much of a mood album and it’s difficult to play front to back if I’m not in the mood for it. That said, I’ll still put it ahead of S80 & GKMC because the level of rapping is better imo and it has the better individual tracks.

Edit: GKMC & S80 actually really close and I was tempted to switch them after posting. On second thought, I probably lean towards S80 > GKMC because of A.D.H.D, Poe Mans Dreams and Kush & Corinthians which I put amongst his very best tracks.

Like bruh…


Haven’t listened to Section 80 if I’m honest, a big oversight on my part probably.

  1. GKMC
  2. TPAB
  3. DAMN

Top two slots required some thought, and I could rotate the two depending on mood. Was easy to put DAMN last if I’m honest as I feel like it’s easily the weakest of the albums of his I’m familiar with. Kind of surprised to see you put it first.

I’ve actually been meaning to ask people on here how they rank them so it’s funny to see you’ve done the same Burg lol


I think there’s a lot more to like about TPAB but I had to put DAMN first because of its replay value which is the best of the 4 imo. And the run from DNA to FEEL is the best 4 track run I can think of by anyone.

Just recently got into J.I.D, he really might be next up.

Second beat is ridiculous

And this is fire


The reason I have TPAB last is its nonexistent replay value. I literally haven’t touched it since 2015, save for a couple of plays of Blacker the Berry.

I understand it’s subject matter is important and it may be a crucial set of art for the time it came out, but it is an ‘oscar bait’ album (if music can be Oscar bait lol) made more for critics and less for the average music fan to listen to.

Section 80 was a great major debut and like you said ADHD, fuck your ethnicity and other were brilliant. I still find myself coming back to a few of those.
Ronald Reagan era, Poe Man’s dreams are scene setting songs and Keisha’s song is probably in my top 5 Kendrick Songs.
Now I listened to this after GKMC but if I hadn’t then Keisha’s song would be where Kendrick would announce himself as an elite storyteller for me.

DAMN. Is brilliant and like you said has lots of replay value. The new sound he has, the more aggressive beats and almost grime beats he has In some of his songs show he isn’t afraid of mixing things up and adapting to the times. To pull that off is not a mean feat, and boy does he. I had GOD on replay for the whole summer basically. DAMN is second only to 4:44 for my 2017 AOTY.

GKMC is my number 1. As I said earlier, this was my first Kendrick album, and my oh my it is a classic. Now I grew up with old school 90s west coast hip hop, and this album is an eye opener in how the atmosphere has changed there since then. It was an entry to modern day Compton/LA. Kendrick’s storytelling brought that world alive and I loved every second. From his coming of age stories, to the harsh realities of being in that environment (and you could tell how uncomfortable he felt in that environment in songs like the art of peer pressure). If I ever want to take a journey through modern day Compton when you’re just trying to be a regular kid around the gangbangers etc I know this album is the one.
It’s his most cohesive project and gives us a whole story to listen to, with a proper beginning middle and end.
MAAD City, Swimming Pools, Sing about Me, Backstreet Freestyle are song I keep coming back to and this album retains its replay value today.


Considering the nature of the black experience in America, it is timeless. I can’t see how it has lost any relevance.

Hip hop should be speaking to the black experience so I don’t really see how it is for the critics and not the listener if I’m honest. More hip hop should be doing this and I love how political it is.

I do really disagree with the replay value part, but that is purely subjective so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t disagree here.

I like your post though, love the thought that has gone into it (I’m quoting a small part of it). 100% agreed with what you said about GKMC, you’ve managed to articulate my feeling about it in a way that has helped explain why I like it so much in ways I hadn’t really articulated to myself.


Exactly, you did a good job describing the feeling I have toward TPAB. I would add the qualification to your post that it’s an “‘oscar bait’ album (if music can be Oscar bait lol) made more for a certain type of critic”–that is, the one looking specifically for social commentary.

My ranking would probably be:

1.Section 80
t2. GKMC (prefer Section 80 because I perhaps don’t value the story-telling aspect of GKMC as much as others; musically it’s great which is why someone like myself who is basically purely interested in the aesthetic/listenability value still loves it, but like the music in Section 80 more)
t2. DAMN (initially thought DAMN was probably the best but feel like it feels a little more empty as time passes; still think it was great