The Hip-Hop Thread


I know this is going to agitate @Burgundy but Kendrick has one classic album - GKMC. One great album - Section 80. One good album - Damn. And one absolutely trash album - TPAB.


I can get behind that.


Always weird when you realise that you’re totally in the minority with your opinion haha


Well you’re not, it’s like 50% of people like TPAB the most and herald it as a classic, and then the other 50% either hate or recognise what it is but regard it as average.

Just seems like more of the latter group are here lol, but dw, I know plenty of people who wouldnt have a bad word said about TPAB, and it was unanimous AOTY in 2015 in the press.


Oh I did actually mean on here, but still good to know I guess, as I have literally no idea how it was received by the public generally as I’m not on twitter or any hip hop forums w/e


Curious to know, has anyone listened to or heard of Brockhampton on here?


Nah but I’ve heard the Saturation trilogy is good

Worth a listen?

Think I might do a list of my top5 or 10 albums of 2017, want others to do one too because I feel like i’ve been so busy this year i’ve missed out on lots of amazing music.

Not heard Thugger’s new mixtape for instance.


They’re worth a listen in my opinion, I enjoyed the entire trilogy (the fact they released 3 good albums in a 6 month period is crazy), Saturation 2 definitely the stand out.

I’d probably listen to a few of their singles on Youtube beforehand because you’ll know straight away whether you’ll like them or not, they’re very different. So far everyone I’ve recommended them to has hated them.


Cool new video from J.I.D


I used Royce - Boom for about 3 years due to the tic-tic bit easing the ringtone in.




He and Pete Rock are the best from my point of view, although I tend to prefer the latter.


Track 1 of this Black Panther album is crazy


Hop, skip & jump is still my favourite instrumental ever


Hah that’s your first post.
I like to believe I got you signed up with my query.


I’ll give you that.


Black Panther album needed more Schoolboy Q, his feature is definitely one of the highlights of the album. Didn’t expect much of Ab-Soul but he showed up which was cool.

Big Shot beat is fucking stupid, Kendrick’s underwhelming on it but fuck, it really bumps!


You’re not big on Soulo are you?


Not really. I liked Control System but thought These days was terrible.

The latest album I don’t have much of an opinion on, I didn’t like anything I heard during my first listen and just put it down and never went back. Maybe i’ll give it another chance one day and like it.

I listen to his interviews though, interesting guy.


I feel like me and you had a disagreement on who was better on the old boards lol. Am I right on that or was it someone else?