The Hip-Hop Thread

Kid Cudi just checked himself into a mental health clinic.

Glad to see he is finally getting help. You can tell from listening to MOTM 1 and 2 that he wasn’t right.

Been listening to this a lot! lately, only has one 8 bar verse but it’s great regardless of it’s short length.


(featuring Jay Electronica)

I don’t really download music so that’s kind of resulted in me not being much of an album kinda guy. But this xmas and last I got a combined 60 quids worth of itunes vouchers so thought I should spend them. I won’t get into the fact that all the albums I were interested in cost 7.99 or 8.99, no wonder people steal music instead!

But yeah, I downloaded Mos Def’s Black on Both Sides. What an incredible fucking album! DJ Premier is just God. Also downloaded Illmatic, which I was already familiar with, as I figured I should really own that album.


Roc Marciano dropped Rosebudd’s Revenge. Great first listen through.

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Black on both sides is one of my favourite albums ever. Hip Hop and Mathematics :pray:t3:

I highly recommend Reflection Eternal - Train of Thought and Black Star’s first album. Essentials.

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Pretty cool tribute to B.I.G


Earl & Kendrick in the same year again.

I’m ready.

First single off the album


@Burgundy be sitting on his laptop right now waiting for April 7 for that :fire:

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April 14th, WTF


Duckworth :grin:

so much prefer Damn to To Pimp a Butterfly. Love it.

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TPAB was trash. Damn is a return to form for Kendrick.

I’ll still always prefer Soul though. Going to see him in a couple months too

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Why not both? :grin:

I love the vibe of this track, haven’t listened to it in years but your post brought it to mind


Biggest problem with TPAB was that it just didn’t have much longevity, there were only three tracks that had much replay value and the rest was mood music. DAMN obviously won’t have that problem because the sound is more accessible.

On Ab-Soul, I’m tempted to say he has 2 consecutive trash albums but truth is I’ve barely given DWTW much of a chance because I can’t get through it, a mix of him being slightly corny imo and not enjoying it’s production.